Dear Booklovers,

It’s the beginning of the year, and you know what that means. It’s time to think about your reading goals and resolutions for 2020.  

You’ve probably already made up your mind to read more, and you know exactly how many books you want to go through this year. But do you know which books you want to read?

If you’re still not sure, you should join our 2020 #BooklyReadingChallenge! We’ll help you make sure you get through at least 20 books, as well as help you keep track of your progress.

Ready to broaden your reading horizons? Here are the 20 types of books we propose you read in 2020. We’ve compiled them into a cute checklist that you can print and carry with you all the time to boost your motivation to read more.

One book can count for more than one category, but it would be great if you could choose 20 different books. After all, we want you to read as much as possible.

Download the printable list here, and check off the books as you go. Don’t forget to share your progress on your social media with #BooklyReadingChallenge!

5 Tips To Successfully Get Through The #BooklyReadingChallenge

To help you make this challenge as easy as possible, we’ve also put together some tips & tricks. Here we go:

  1. Take some time to read every day: don’t wait until tomorrow if you can read today. Otherwise, you might end up not having enough time to finish all the books by the end of the year.
  2. Always bring a book with you: you never know when you’ll get a few minutes to spare. Instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed while standing in line at your local supermarket, you can read a few more pages.
  3. Switch between different types of books: shorter books, longer books, picture books… The more diverse your reading list is, the lower the chances you will get bored and abandon the challenge. 
  4. Don’t break the bank: if you constantly spend your allowance on new books, you might end up abandoning the challenge because you’ll want to spend your money on something else. Instead, try reading 20 books you already own (maybe this way you can finally get through your TBR pile?), or you can borrow.
  5. Use Bookly to keep track of your progress: watching how far you’ve come always helps motivate you even more. So make sure you add all your books to your Bookly app to keep track of your reading time & reading speed and share your reading reports with friends & family.

Let’s get started, shall we? Let us know in the comments section below which books you plan on reading for this challenge. 

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