We’ve made a list of the best reading apps for your phone and tablet in 2020. Apart from the fact that these apps help you put all the books in the world in your pocket, they come with other benefits as well:

  • they help you save and organize your favorite quotes and notes;
  • they can track your reading habits;
  • they can keep you accountable for your reading goals by reminding you when it’s time to read;
  • in time, they help you read more.

Have we managed to convince you? Then go on – choose one of the apps below and start reading.

Best reading tracking apps

  1. Bookly (iOS, Android)

Call us biased, but we think Bookly is one of the best reading apps for tracking out there. It packs lots of features, such:

  • book tracking: you can add and organize books by scanning them or searching for them online, and you can also track whom you’ve lent your books to, so you never lose a book again; 
  • reading tracking: you can keep track of all the time you spend reading; 
  • reading statistics: for each book you read, you get a beautiful graphic that you can share with your friends on social media. Also, at the end of each week, you get to see your stats, so you can track your progress over time;
  • thoughts and quotes: you can also add text and image quotes to the books you’re currently reading;
  • goals: you can set up monthly and yearly goals to make daily reading a habit;
  • achievements: if you’re a very competitive person, then you’ll love unlocking all the achievements. 

Yet it remains very easy to use. And you also get Bloo, the cutest personal reading assistant. 

If you’ve always wanted to have more time for reading, give Bookly a try.

2. Litsy (iOS, Android)

If you’re a bookstagrammer, you’ll LOVE Litsy. The app enables you to share and discover books with your friends and capture whatever bookish thoughts you have, whenever you have them.

3. Libib (iOS, Android)

Libib is a great app for organizing your books, movies, music, and video games.

4. Reading List – Book Log (iOS)

Reading List enables you to track your reading progress and keep a list of books you’ve read, books you’re reading, and books you want to read.

5. Bookling (iOS)

Bookling is a fun way to track your progress over time and keep a list of the books you’ve read. The app also allows you to set alarms to remind you to read, so you can never say you were “too busy”.

6. Leio (iOS)

Leio helps you organize your library, notes, and favorite quotes, but you can also use it to keep track of your reading sessions and stay motivated.

Best e-book apps

When it comes to best reading apps, there is no way not mentioning the e-book apps.

7. Kindle (iOS, Android)

Probably the most popular app for reading e-books. If you often buy books from Amazon, or if you want to sync your Kindle to your smartphone, this is the app to use.

8. Serial Box (iOS, Android)

If you don’t have time to curl up in bed with a book to read every night, Serial Box can break books into bite-sized reading chunks that you can read or listen to while you’re waiting for your coffee.

9. Scribd (iOS, Android)

Scribd offers you access to an unlimited number of audiobooks, e-books, magazine articles, sheet music selections, and research documents.

10. tiReader (iOS)

If you like reading comics, tiReader can give you access to 1000000+ free e-books and comics in OPDS-catalogs and Calibre servers.

11. Libby (iOS, Android)

Did you know that local libraries can also lend you e-books and audiobooks? With Libby, you can borrow them for free and access them right from your smartphone.

12. FullReader (Android)

FullReader is a pretty standard e-book reading app, except for the fact that it can read to you. You can control the speed and the tone of the reading, and you also have the option to highlight the paragraph currently read.

13. KyBook 3 (iOS)

This third version of KyBook is probably the most reliable and easy to use, and the OPDS makes it the easiest to connect to commercial and private/personal libraries.

14. ComiXology (iOS, Android)

Another great app for comic book fans. ComiXology offers you access to over 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels, and manga from Marvel, DC, Image, and more.

15. Chunky (iOS)

If you’ve got any low-res comics, Chunky will make them look great so reading them will become a pleasure. The app will also make importing and managing your comics a lot easier. 

16. ComiCat (Android)

ComiCat is a comic reader and catalog manager that enables you to get all your comics nicely arranged in a virtual bookshelf.

17. Moon+ Reader (Android)

This e-book reading app comes with lots of powerful controls and functions such as day & night themes, auto-scroll, real page turning effect, and more. 

18. FBReader (Android)

FBReader is a fast and highly customizable free e-book reader that comes with a browser/downloader to access different network e-book catalogs and stores.

19. Aldiko (iOS, Android)

Aldiko is one of the most popular e-book reading apps for Android, and now iOS users can enjoy it too. It enables you to read and organize your e-books, as well as discover, import, or borrow new e-books from your local library.

20. Kobo Books (iOS, Android)

Millions of readers around the world use Kobo to purchase and read e-books and audiobooks. What makes this app stand out is its beautiful design and the fact that it’s highly customizable.

21. Marvin 3 (iOS)

This third version offers tons of personalization options, including several themes to choose from, beautiful fonts, page formatting options, and automatic night theme switching. It also enables you to adjust page warmth, dimming, and brightness, on top of Apple’s default blue light control feature.

22. Google Play Books (Android)

If you don’t like to clutter your phone with lots of apps, then this default Android book reading app has everything you need.

23. Nook (iOS, Android)

Enjoy Barnes & Noble’s digital experience right from your smartphone. Gain access to a vast online library of over 4 million e-books, graphic novels, comics, and magazines, and enjoy the recommendations curated by expert booksellers just for you.

24. CoolReader (Android)

CoolReader offers you stunning performance while reading the epub and FictionBook formats. It supports online catalogs, book stores, and text-to-speech, and comes with a page flipping animation.

25. PocketBook (iOS, Android)

PocketBook comes with an intuitive interface, lots of options for settings and no restrictions and supports over 26 different e-book and audiobook formats. 

26. Goodreads (iOS, Android)

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for book lovers where you can share and discover various books of your choice or through recommendations.

27. eReader Prestigio (Android)

Prestigio is a unique and efficient reading app that helps you find the books you like the most. It also comes with an eye supportive reader mode that will let you read a book on your smartphone or tab for a long time.

28. ReadEra (Android)

ReadEra has stored almost all the books available on the internet. And the best part is that you can read them for free, without any annoying ads.

29. Wattpad (iOS, Android)

Wattpad is a great app not only for readers, but also for writers who want to connect with others. It comes with a lot of supportive features like letting you read for long periods without straining your eyes. 

30. Media 365 (iOS, Android)

This is another app that makes thousands of books available for free, so you can enjoy your favorite hobby without breaking the bank.

31. Librera (Android)

Librera doesn’t come with a large variety of features, but it provides you with everything you need for daily reading. You get access to dictionaries, e-books, and personalized libraries, all in one place.

32. Yomu (iOS)

Yomu is a fantastic app for readers who download their e-books in a variety of file formats and want to bring them all together. It supports all the popular e-book file formats, in addition to those supported by Amazon Kindle and ComiXology.

33. Foxit PDF Reader (iOS, Android)

Foxit is one of the best PDF apps out there and is an ideal solution for those who prefer to consume e-books in the PDF file format. Unlike many similar apps, it features a reflow setting that resizes and reorganizes the text on a page to fit perfectly on your screen.

34. AIReader (Android)

AIReader is a great app for those who have older Android phones and tablets that are running operating systems as out-of-date as Android 2.3.

35. Bluefire Reader (iOS, Android)

Bluefire is a pretty standard reading app that comes with features such as bookmarking, highlighting, dictionary lookup, note taking, and contextual searching. It can also track your reading stats. 

36. Mantano Reader (iOS, Android)

Mantano is a user-friendly, powerful, and fast reading app that comes with a synchronized library and provides unprecedented flexibility, speed, and reading comfort.

37. Apple Books (iOS)

Maybe not the fanciest reading app out there, but if you don’t like downloading lots of app on your phone Apple Books has all the basic features you need.

Best reading apps for kids

38. Starfall Learn To Read (iOS, Android)

Starfall helps kids learn basic reading skills with the help of videos and additional activities. It’s suitable for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd-grade students, and focuses on phonemic perception, sequential phonics, and common sight words.

39. Homer (iOS, Android)

Homer is a research-based educational app for reading where kids learn through motivation and become in love with learning.

40. Rivet (iOS, Android)

Rivet gives you access to thousands of free books for children that keep them busy while helping them grow intellectually.

41. Epic! (iOS, Android)

Dubbed as the Netflix for kids, Epic! has many classic children’s books available to download, as well as a lot of modern releases, such as series covering famous pop culture icons and family-friendly comic books, such as Snoopy and The Smurfs.

Did we miss your favorite app? Let us know in the comments section below 👇

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