How many books have you set out to read this year? 

If you’re as competitive as we are, you’re probably pushing yourself to read a little more (and, why not, a little faster) month after month. But without someone or something to keep you accountable, that can be pretty hard to accomplish.

That’s why we’ve implemented reading goals in Bookly. By having a clear idea of how much you want to read and a real-time status of your progress, you can improve your reading skills.

There are three types of reading goals you can set up in Bookly:

  • Book goals – depending on how fast you want to finish a book, Bookly automatically calculates how much you should read daily;
  • Monthly goals – how many books you want to read in a month;
  • Yearly goals – how many books you want to read in a year.

Here’s how you can set up each one:

How to set up reading goals with Bookly

Step 1: Open the Bookly app and head over to the Goals tab.

Step 2: Here, you can choose between Monthly Goals and Yearly Goals

If you’re not a voracious reader (yet!), we recommend you start with something easy like one book a month and work your way up. This way, you won’t get upset if you don’t manage to achieve your reading goal, and you’ll get even more motivated if you manage to surpass it.

Step 3 a: If you choose to enter a monthly goal, you’ll be asked how many hours you want to read, or how many pages. After you fill in the info, tap on Save goal

Now, every time you finish a reading session, Bookly will automatically calculate how much of your goal you have achieved. If you don’t manage to accomplish your monthly reading goal, you can buy extra days or watch a video to get one for free. 

Step 3 b: If you choose to set up a yearly goal, head to the Yearly Goal tab, and choose how many books you want to finish in a year. Just like with the monthly goal, Bookly will automatically add up your progress so you can see how much you’ve achieved so far.

You can even set up daily reminders to make sure you never skip a reading session. Just enable the Remember to read every day! Feature and select the days and hours when you’d like to be reminded.

How to set up book goals with Bookly

Alternatively, you can also set up reading goals for each book you read.

Step 1: Add the book you want to read to Bookly by tapping on the + button in the top left corner and filling in the book’s details. 

Step 2: Tap on the book cover and scroll to End date goal.

Step 3: Choose when you want to finish your book. Depending on the finish date and how many pages your book has, Bookly will automatically calculate how many pages you need to read per day.

So there you have it: three ways you can use Bookly to make sure you achieve your reading goals. Also, each time you manage to complete a goal, this will add to your overall progress and you’ll be able to unlock budges and other goodies.

So, are you ready to start your next reading session? Grab your book and start reading.

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