At its core, Bookly is an app meant to help you improve your reading skills. But developing skills of any kind is not easy to do – it takes time and, more importantly, it takes motivation.

This is why we’ve decided to add reading achievements to Bookly – because by being reminded of how much you’ve progressed, you’re motivated to read even more, to push yourself.

With Bookly, you are always in competition with yourself. 

Ok, all this sounds great, but what are reading achievements exactly? Read on to find out.

What are reading achievements?

Simply put, reading achievements are badges you get every time you reach a milestone.

You can find the badges you’ve gathered so far by going to the Stats tab and scrolling down to the Achievements section.


What kind of reading achievements can Bookly track?

There are 8 main categories of reading achievements you can unlock in Bookly:

  1. First timers;
  2. Fun to do;
  3. Books read;
  4. Pages read;
  5. Read time;
  6. Streak;
  7. Five club;
  8. Complete club.

Each of these categories has several badges. Here’s the full list of badges you can acquire if you use Bookly to track every reading session:

First timers

Neophyte – Start reading your first book using the app.

Statistician – Generate and share your first book infographic.

Fledgling – Read and finish one book using the app.

Fun to do

Abecedarian – Read for one hour or more using the app.

Philomath – Read for 15 hours using the app.

Melodious – Start listening to an ambient sound.

Superhero – Get Bookly Pro.

Mailman – Subscribe to our mailing list.

Rateman – Rate Bookly in the Assistant screen.

Books read

Bookworm – Read 10 books using the app.

Highbrow – Read 50 books using the app.

Intellectual – Read 100 books using the app.

Studious – Read 200 books using the app

Erudite – Read 350 books using the app.

Academician – Read 500 books using the app.

Pages read

Bibliophile – Read 1000 pages overall.

Heavy hitter – Read 15000 pages overall.

Hot foot – Read 30000 pages overall. 

Read time

Devoted – Read for 150 hours using the app.

Wilful – Read for 250 hours using the app.

Steadfast – Read for 365 hours using the app.

Adamant – Read for 500 hours using the app.

Iron-willed – Read for 800 hours using the app.

Strong minded – Read for 1000 hours using the app.


Perseverant – Do a 20 days reading streak. 

Zealous – Do a 100 days reading streak.

Perfect year – Do a 365 days reading streak.

Five club

Philosopher – Add 5 thoughts about one of the books you’re reading.

Eager beaver – Complete 5 goals.

Egghead – Add 5 books you read in the past using the “read in the past” thick. 

Complete club

Achiever – Complete your first monthly goal.

Highflier – Complete a yearly goal.

Worshiper – Add 5 quotes you enjoyed. 

The badges that are colored are the ones you’ve gathered so far, and those that are greyed out are yet to be gained.

Did you know you can also share your reading achievements? You can do so by tapping on one of the badges you’ve earned and then tap on Share


Besides these badges, Bookly also adds your read time to your level. To find out what level you’re at, head to the Assistant tab.


How many badges have you gathered so far? And what level are you at? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. What can we do if our stats show we unlocked an achievement (in my case, my current reading streak shows 170 or so days) but the badge still doesn’t show as earned (in this case, the 100 day reading streak badge)?

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