Nowadays, there are so many bookish apps on the market that you can easily get lost and not be sure which one to choose for tracking your reading, your books, or your reading achievements! 📚

So, when you’re on the lookout for the right bookish app for your goals & personality, you need to check what other users thought about that certain app, right? 🤭

We decided to give you a hand and have compiled a list of the best Bookly app reviews on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Youtube, and even personal blogs of dedicated readers that have tried out our app.

Here’s what they say:

Bookly App Reviews on websites

Here’s what Kate Krug, a writer for The Book Riot thought about Bookly:

I’ve been using the Bookly app to help track my reading habits for almost a year, and I’ve had a generally positive experience. Bookly isn’t quite making the rounds as much as Goodreads or Litsy yet, but it’s a truly useful tool for those of us who delight in knowing our reading stats.” – Kate Krug, May 11, 2018

Lifehackers Senior Technology Editor, David Murphy, stated:

I found it useful to use the app to track a reading goal—how many hours you want to dedicate to the print (or digital) page over the course of a month. The app can help nudge you along just so you don’t fall short, and you can set an even more ambitious yearly goal if you know you want to get through a certain number of books.” – David Murphy, May 2, 2018

Stephanie from Once Upon a Chapter said on her reading blog that the Bookly App is “an app that has been making a big change in my reading life.” – May 3, 2019

Camille Granaï from Medium also wrote a very detailed research upon the UX of our App and came up with suggestions of improvement:

I got to know this app for my personal use, I was looking for an app that would help me to read more and keep track of my reading. Bookly got my attention out of the other similar apps because of its beautiful user interface.” – Jan 3, 2020

Sarah Elizabeth Adler from the Aarp team also wrote an article about 6 apps and websites that can help people with organizing their reading and also mentioned Bookly: 

Think of Bookly like a fitness tracker for your reading habits. Tell the app which books you’re reading, then start up a “reading session” any time you crack one open: Bookly will track your pages and time reading, then estimate how long it’ll take you to finish at your current rate.” – March 16, 2020

Katrina from @literarylovebooks wrote an entire post on her blog about her experience using the Bookly App:

For the past few months I’ve been using the Bookly App to track my reading and it has completely changed the way I read!” 

And she also mentioned that she loves Bloo:

Bloo is this cute little blue ball that is your reading assistant. He reminds you to read every day and keeps track of what level you are on in the Bookly App. Bloo can even give you a weekly report on your reading!” – Jun 13, 2020

Apple Store Bookly App Reviews

@LittleCat7045, on March 25, 2020:

Awesome way to keep track of reading.

“I really like that it shows your speed of reading, and the weekly and monthly rundowns are very nice for remembering progress has been made. In over a year of using this app regularly, I’ve never had a bug or problem with it. Highly, highly recommended. P.S. This is not a venue in which to read ebooks, rather to track progress of books you own in other forms, as I’ve seen multiple rather rude reviews who seem to be misinformed on the subject.”

@LAvaHead64, on April 06, 2020:

I LOVE this app!

“The layout of the app is also just clean and quick. It doesn’t look boring or dull like some other apps. It looks like a modernized reading app that handles Analytics like a madman. It also allows you to add thoughts or type down special pieces of information while timing your reading session. You can pinpoint where you had that thought by writing what page number. Overall, it’s the best book tracking app by FAR. Definitely get it!”

@enthusiast_fabi, on July 17, 2018

Who came up with such a great idea!

“I needed something to know how many pages of a book I’m reading a day and track the progress of the book. Initially, I was using stopwatch and writing the minutes and pages down manually, but then I found this app and it made everything simple and easy. Really loved the idea of this app! You think about something and there is an app for that. I like so much about this app from the layout to colors, feel and esthetics.”

@WyattAnderson, on October 27, 2019

Best App for Readers

I’ve been using Bookly (formally known as Bookout) for years now, and I can’t say that I really use another app more. I’m a huge reader, and Goodreads is nice but this is honestly way better. It lets me keep track of all my books read in a super easy format and the in for graphics of my reading stats are amazing. I have a long streak that I’m trying to keep up, because this app makes me WANT to read more and more. The quotes feature and thoughts feature are both awesome and hilarious looking back after you finish a book.”

@Harley Bear Book Blog, on June 14, 2019

No More Distractions!

I’m a big fan of BookTube, Bookstagram, Book Twitter, you name it! But those things can be very distracting when I’m trying to read. I tell myself I’ll just scroll for a minute and 2 hours later I’m lost in the black hole that is social media. Since using the Bookly app, I’ve been able to stop that behavior. Since the app tracks my time spent reading, I feel like when that stopwatch is going I have to be truly reading. Which means I’m halfway through the year and I’ve read more than I did last year already.”

@M15HK4, on Feb 18, 2020

The ONLY reading tracker that’s worth it

Ever since I got Bookly, I’ve been in love with it. The options to add notes and definitions while reading actually made me pay more attention to what I’m reading and made me recognize what I did and didn’t understand. Plus, I can easily catalogue what books I’ve read, and understand what my reading speed actually is and the patterns of when I read way better.”

@NinjaPickle, on March 21, 2020

Really easy and fun way to keep track of your reading!

“I have been using this help as part of a self management project to increase the amount that I am reading each day. It’s easy to use and even makes a graph for you to show your progress! I also enjoy the feature where you can save quotes that you think are memorable while reading a book. Other great features are being able to sort your books into categories and getting to set monthly and yearly goals for how many hours you want to read or how many books you want to read. The infographics after finishing a book are also fantastic!”

@Kellibelli5678, on March 30, 2020

A fun way to keep track of your reading

I can open a book and read for a bit then put it away and not open it again for a couple of months or years. Bookly helps me to finish a book once I start it and also keep track of the pages. I love the quote, thought, and definition features because sometimes you come across a word you don’t know or you are reading a book for class and want to make a quick note. These features are very helpful. An easy to navigate app and fun. I look forward to my daily reading time with Bookly! 🙂

Play Store Bookly App Reviews

@Matthew Hutson, on June 4, 2020

“I’m already an Avid Reader of non-fiction books, yet this app has helped me to increase my reading retention and speed. It is well worth the investment.”

@Mara Crișan, on June 23, 2020

“This app is amazing. It even tells you how much time you have until you finish it! Highly recommend!❤”

@Jafari Mardenborough, on May 18, 2020

“Excellent app. Great help in keeping track of my reading, and where I am in several books, as well as how long I need to take to get through a book. Brilliant app.”

@Rebekah Megliorino, on January 24, 2020

“I just installed this app, and I love it very much. I have tried other methods to track my reading, and, honestly, I wish I could’ve started in 2014. This app I discovered via a Book Riot article I read on the internet. I can’t wait to get back to reading on a daily basis, and stay on it for good. Thank you.”

@Ashley Webb, on February 21, 2020

“Just started using this app, but it is already helping me understand my reading habits. Also love that I can set up goals to make sure I’m staying on track. Word of the day has to be one of my favorite options because it helps me search and expand my vocabulary.”

@Linda Morrison, on March 15, 2020

“I’m not sure how I found this app but I am certainly glad I did. It is by far my favorite app on my cell. I use this app everyday and it has helped strengthen my reading habit tremendously. I have nothing but positive things to say about this app !!!”

Users’ thoughts about Bookly and its features

Below are some snippets from our customers we’ve interviewed:

Cindy McWilliams:

I love the Ambient sound generator when tracking a physical book, it really helps me focus on what I’m reading and not get distracted, and I love the Stats. It’s interesting to see how much I’ve read and how my reading habits change over time. The book infographics are nice as well

Jesse Williams:

As a reader I really enjoy bookly and am invested in its future 🙂” 


I love the quote feature where you can take a picture and then it transfers it to text. And of course the infographics, I also use the sound for the busy cafe.


I want to say the app has helped me to read more and consistently being I set yearly goals of the number of books I want read this year


By now, you should know that our dear Bloo is by your side every time, helping you achieve all your reading goals. The Bookly App is a true reading companion, an app that can help you track your books, read more, and improve your reading over time. 

What do YOU think about Bookly? Have you tried it yet? Share your experience in the comments below!

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