The countdown has started, we only have one more week left until September! 😱 What better time to start a new readathon challenge than the beginning of a new season? 🍂

Trees change color, days get shorter, temperature grows colder. We hope we’re not the only ones THIS excited for sweater weather! ☕


“Even now I remember those pictures, like pictures in a storybook one loved as a child. Radiant meadows, mountains vaporous in the trembling distance; leaves ankle-deep on a gusty autumn road; bonfires and fog in the valleys; cellos, dark window-panes, snow.” ― Donna Tartt, The Secret History

Here are the reading challenges you can join this fall: 

September 2020 Readathons:

  1. MerdekAThon (31 Aug – 16 Sep) – a readathon celebrating Malaysian authors and stories;
  2. YA-Binge-AThon (1 Jul – 30 Sep) – this challenge urges you to read as many YA books as you can for 3 months, and September is the last. Catch up!
  3. September ReadAThon (1 Sep – 7 Sep) – this is a readathon happening in the first week of September over on Instagram;
  4. MammaMiaThon (1 Sep – 12 Sep) – Mamma Mia themed readathon, my, my, how can you resist it? 
  5. RandomAThon (7 Sep – 14 Sep) – this, as its name, is a readathon that happens Randomly throughout the year;
  6. AYearAThon (14 Sep – 20 Sep) – this challenge has the theme to finish or catch up on a series you’ve been wanting to read but didn’t get the chance yet;
  7. Vault-a-thon (14 Sep – 20 Sep) – this readathon is dedicated to underrated Disney movies;
  8. Hypeathon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – this is a year-long reading challenge focuses on hyped books & series;
  9. Sequel September (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – this readathon is dedicated to those sequels of books or series that often get forgotten;
  10.  I Read Sins Not Tragedies (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – Panic! At The Disco – themed readathon for all of you who are fans of the band;
  11. Atla ReadAThon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – The Last Airbender themed team-based readathon; each team (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) has their own respective prompts;
  12. Backlist BookAThon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – if you have a lot of books you’ve been meaning to read, this is for you! This readathon is dedicated to clearing out your TBR;
  13. Bratz Read-A-Thon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – if you’re feeling nostalgic about childhood and playing with dolls, this reading challenge is just for you;
  14. DemonAThon: The Grand Hotel (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – as the colder months and Halloween are approaching, here’s a demon themed readathon to get you into the mood;
  15. MonsterAThon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – this reading challenge is monster-themed, if you’re looking for something out of your comfort zone;
  16. Mythothon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – Mythology themed readathon with each round focused on a different type of mythology;
  17. Yoncé-A-Thon (1 Sep – 30 Sep) – Beyonce themed readathon, for all you QueenB fans out there;
  18. #24B4Monday (25 Sep – 27 Sep) – this is an ongoing readathon that takes place every last weekend of each month;
  19. Queer Lit Readathon (26 Sep – 27 Sep) – a reading challenge to read more intersectional and inclusive books;
  20. Bibliothon – ReadAThon (17 Sep – 23 Sep) – this readathon has the aim to read the books you already have access to.

Check out last year’s reading challenges here!

Never joined a readathon before? No problem! You’ve got you covered with a guide to help you out. 

And don’t forget that Bloo, your personal reading assistant, will always be by your side and help you improve and track all the books for your next readathon along the way! 

We wish you a colorful, cozy, and warm fall to all our #BooklyReaders! Which September readathon will you join? Drop us a comment below 💙

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