Summer is finally here, and you know what that means, right?? 😱 

It’s time to get crazy… and take your books outside for a reading session right on the beach!

Here’s to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy.

Charlaine Harris

Even if you’re not a fan of ocean air & salty hair 🌊🌊, you can always stretch out on a lawn chair in your backyard or on the living room couch with the windows wide open. Bottom line, there’s nothing like chilling with a good book on a hot summer day, sippin’ lemonade 🍋 , and fantasizing about your favorite characters… 


Every summer has its stories, but for all the book lovers out there and us here at Bookly, every summer has its readathons! So, great news, y’all, we’ve got you covered 😎. 

Readathons are always a great way to help you get through your never-ending TBR pile, while also adding new thrilling titles to your bookshelves. A book can be your one-way ticket to distant lands – even if we’re stuck at home, books have this magical power to take us to whole new different places AND times.  

So, according to your TBRs, where are you heading this summer? 🗺️

Here are 10 readathons happening this June – or at least, what we could find 🤭. It’s time to sit back, relax, and plan your next reading escape! 

  1. SciFi Summer (1-30 June) – you already know this one, right? This readathon takes place throughout the whole year, with each season bringing new vibes and books. #SciFi geek, are you in? 
  2. #AYearAThon (1-30 June) – this month is all about re-reads! What a great opportunity to recapture the magic of your all-time favorites 💙. Or maybe you want to pick up a couple of those “difficult to read” books and get a more in-depth understanding of the story. It’s up to you 
  3. Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon (1-30 June) – oh, we love this one so much! You can read as much as you want, any format you want, and of course, whatever you want! 
  4. #MakeYourMythTaker (1-30 June)- myth, folklore & fairy tale retellings in fantasy books! Only the best, for the best!
  5. Self Care Readathon (1-30 June) – breath in and relax with this #selfcare reading challenge 😌. We’ll share a little secret with you: there aren’t just reading prompts waiting for you, but also self-care prompts for each week of the month! Go and have a look!
  6. Clear Your Shit: A Readathon (1-30 June) – “it’s time to bring back the dead” they said… who’s ready for a month-long bookish declutter? 🧙
  7. Buzzword Readathon (1-7 June) – this reading challenge runs the first week of every month. You can pick any book you like as long as it has a “specific” word/word theme in the title. We challenge you to find out the buzzword of June!
  8. Queer Lit Readathon (6-12 June) – a new round this year of reading only books by or about queer people 🏳️‍🌈. Let’s do this!!
  9. Romanceathon (12-18 June) – if you’re a hopeless romantic just like us, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this readathon! We bet you have tons of TBRs on your list, if not, go and check out the reading prompts!
  10. #MiniMangaReadathon (11-13 June) – here’s a mini-challenge to catch up with your favorite manga characters! 
  11. #JPLitReadathon (14-20 June) – want to take it to the next level? Then this is what you need – a slightly longer readathon to celebrate Japanese literature. 
  12. Strangeathon (21-27 June) – everything counts for this reading challenge, as long as it’s weird! Quite strange, don’t you think?


There you have it, folks! Be safe and be sure not to fizzle when the summer starts to sizzle 🍹

Check out this year’s reading challenges here, as well as the latest book review “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern here.

Never joined a readathon before? No problem! Here’s our guide to help you out. 

And don’t forget that Bloo, your personal reading assistant, will always be by your side and help get out of your reading slump by tracking all the books for your next readathon along the way! 

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