This was the first cozy mystery book that I’ve ever read. And I can already say that this has become one of my new favorite genres. I absolutely loved figuring out the hints, while also being able to relax and enjoy myself while reading.

Here’s my book review for ✨ Arsenic and Adobo, by Mia P. Manansala:

I am so glad that I had the chance to read this book. It was so much fun and such a delight to read. It was so different from other thrillers/mysteries I have read. Although it still involved violence, it did not have the same vibes as a thriller does. Rather than being very upsetting or disturbing, it featured the perfect amount of mystery to give it that “cozy” vibe.

As well as the different foods and recipes that were talked about throughout the book, I loved every vibe that I got while I was reading. I was hungry, fascinated, intrigued, and curious. It made me want to read 100 more cozy mysteries.

I truly believe this was the perfect introduction to this genre. It was written so well and it had tons of great representation inside of it. Learning more about Filipino food and culture was amazing, as I have always loved Lumpia and Adobo. I also loved the mentions of Pakistani food, Chinese food, and Mexican food – which is my favorite. 

It also had me guessing right up until the mystery was solved. Although I formed theories myself and with my friend Rosie, I still did not guess correctly. Not until about a page before it was revealed…and that was honestly because it was leading up to it.

Overall, Manansala does a phenomenal job keeping you on your toe. She manages to leave you completely clueless about who the murderer is right until the final reveal.

Overall, I loved this book so much. Solving the mystery and learning about yummy new recipes was so much fun! I will 100% be picking up each additional installment in this series.

Here’s my rating of this book: 4/5 stars! 🌟

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