Book lovers, we know you’ve been waiting for this moment: crisp air, cool breeze, and falling leaves 🧡. It’s the perfect time for a Bookly readathon, and you know what we’re talking about! 

Getting cozy in a little corner, wrapped up in the warm light of scented candles and fairy lights ✨, cuddling in a fluffy blanket, and enjoying a hot cup of your favorite beverage… 

It’s the Read & Chill Bookly Readathon 😌

Sounds a bit too similar to your usual reading routine? Well, this time around, your best reading companion, Bloo, will definitely spice things up! He’ll be all in to help you get through your never-ending TBR list during the Bookly readathon. 

So make sure to save the date in your calendar and pop in between October 14th-17th for the Read & Chill Bookly Readathon, y’all 🍵 

Fuzzy socks not required, but encouraged. 

Grab your favorite mug, the comfiest PJs, and join the party! All the #BooklyReaders will be there, starting with Bloo. It’s up to you to show us what kind of reader you are:

😌 A Book Noob – read at least 400 pages

😍 A Book Lover – read between 400-600 pages

😎 A Book Addict – read more than 700 pages

We’re all super excited to see what books you choose. But just in case, Bloo has a few suggestions!

Read & Chill Bookly Readathon Prompts

  • A Book With Orange On The Cover
  • A Book-to-movie Adaptation
  • A Book-to-series Adaptation
  • A Book About Change
  • A Dark Academia Or Mystery Book
  • A Book With The Word “Secret” In The Title

When is the readathon taking place?

From October 14th to October 17th

What do I need to do? 

Read more than 400 pages during the readathon. 

We’re here to help!

Where can I sign up?

How to sign up for our #BooklyReadathon:

  1. If you’re an iOS user, you can sign up directly on the special Readathon Tab (make sure to get the latest update) that we’re currently testing on the Bookly App, or, if you’re an Android user, please fill out this form as usual;
  2. (optional) Give us a shoutout on your social media to help us spread the word! Share our readathon-related post and make sure to tag us 🤗.

Hurry up! Registrations for the Read & Chill #BooklyReadathon are open only until October 13th, 11:59 PM EST.

What’s in it for me?

According to each level, we’re offering three Vouchers* to three lucky winners that we’ll choose randomly after the readathon ends:

👉 The Book Noob – 15$

👉 The Book Lover – 25$

👉 The Book Addict – 50$

*As Gift Cards are only available for shipping within the US, in the case of a non-US resident winner, we will turn to other bookstores available in your country.

How do I win?

It’s simple! First, use the Bookly App to track all your reading sessions. Then, the next step is to export your Custom Reading Report:

  • If you’ve signed up through the Bookly App Readathon tab, at the end of our readathon you’ll be able to export your Custom Reading Report directly through the app.
  • If you’ve signed up through our form, make sure to export your Custom Reading Report on October 18th and submit it 👉 here.

Here’s a video on how you can export your report:

Also! Don’t forget to use the Read & Chill #BooklyReadathon hashtag in your posts & stories so we can follow along on your progress.

Happy reading! 💙💙

Sign up for the #BooklyReadathon here

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