Reading opens doors to learning, relaxation, and escaping to other worlds. However, focusing on what you’re reading can be quite challenging. 🥲 If you want to boost your comprehension and remember more from the books you read, one of the best ways to do it is to improve your concentration while reading.

Okay, but how do I do that, you ask? That’s exactly what we’re here to tell you in this article. Not only will it help you read even more books than before, but it will also enhance your overall reading experience. Win-win!

But wait. We’re not saying it’s easy! It will take some time and (a lot) of patience. Once you put some of our recommended tips into practice, you will be super grateful and happy. 😌 (Especially seeing the to-be-read pile getting smaller and smaller each day.) So, if you’re ready to up your reading game and become an even sharper reader, check out our tried-and-tested strategies to improve concentration while reading.


What is the Role of Concentration While Reading?

First, let’s start from the beginning. As its definition suggests, concentration is the ability to think carefully about something you are doing and nothing else; basically, it’s the mental effort you direct toward something you’re working on or learning. Oh, but make sure you don’t confuse it with attention span, which refers to the length of time that someone can keep their thoughts and interests fixed on something.

Concentration is super important when you’re reading because it makes the whole thing go smoother and helps you get more out of it. So when you focus your attention on what you’re reading, you:

🧠 Enhance your comprehension. You’ll find catching onto what’s being said easier as you understand the material better. That way, you won’t accidentally miss out on anything important! 

🧠 Improve your memory and long-term retention. Concentrating helps your brain better encode information, making it easier to remember later.

🧠 Use your mental energy more efficiently. Using all your brainpower during reading sessions helps you avoid getting tired quickly and stay focused for longer. 

🧠 Increase your reading speed. A focused mind processes information more efficiently. So, if you concentrate better, you won’t have to go back and read things over and over. Simply put, you’ll read more! 

🧠 Boost the joy of reading. Concentration allows you to immerse yourself entirely in your reading, making reading more enjoyable (as it should be, right? 🤭). 

Why Do We Struggle to Concentrate While Reading?

Reading can be tricky sometimes because many things can distract us from the outside and inside our minds. Studies show that some cognitive performances decline with age, and we tend to have more difficulty filtering out stimuli that are irrelevant to the task. Loud places and gadgets, like our phones and laptops, can really make it tough to focus on reading. 🥲

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just not into it can tire your brain, making it hard to concentrate. Plus, with so much cool stuff to read online, it’s no surprise that we all want to jump from one thing to the next without really focusing on any of them for long.

Yeah, our brains can be tricky sometimes, but if we know what messes with our concentration, we can fix it to stay on top of our reading game. 😌

How Can We Improve Concentration While Reading?

Once you figure out what’s distracting you, you can deal with it and improve your concentration skills. Here are some tips & tricks on how to boost your focus while reading and make every page worth flipping. 

Identify And Eliminate Physical Distractions 

First, you need to make sure you’re in the right place, literally. 😌 Choose a reading spot with minimal noise, interruptions, and distractions. A cozy corner or a dedicated reading nook works best to ensure you’re comfortable and ready for your reading sesh. 

Then, turn off all possible interruptions, like notifications on your phone or other digital devices, and turn off your TV or laptop. And if you can, put your gadgets somewhere you can’t easily grab them to resist the urge to check them. 😶‍🌫️

Pick the right time to read 

Set a reading time in your daily priorities list to see where it fits best. Are you more of an early reader or a night reader? Find the best time for you to read based on what you’re reading. Some like to start their day by reading early because it can set a positive tone for the day. In contrast, others find more comfort in the quiet of the night, replacing their doom-scrolling with reading. (if only it were that easy, right? 😭)

Break Up Your Reading Sessions 

Researchers have shown that people’s attention spans have shrunk considerably over the past few decades. So making the best of your reading time is crucial. 🫡

Try out a time management strategy like the Pomodoro method. Break your reading time into shorter and more focused sessions—typically for 25 minutes, but you can also choose a 30 or 45-minute time frame. Set a timer or use an online tool, and when it rings, take a quick break. Repeat the cycle until you complete four pomodoros (or more, depending on your schedule). It helps keep you on track and makes reading feel less overwhelming!

Try Not to Multitask and Take Short Breaks Regularly 

Like with anytime management tricks, set your reading goal and concentrate on one task at a time. Focus on one thing at a time, and give it your all. It’s all about staying on track and getting stuff done! 

Don’t forget to take small breaks when you’ve got a ton to read. Use that time to stretch or move around to refresh your mind. Some people use small rewards like a snack or a small walk. Plus, staying active can improve overall concentration, help you better retain the information you read, and prevent you from zoning out while at it. 

Take Notes, Review, and Summarize

Taking notes while you read can be super helpful. It saves you from having to go back and re-read stuff later, and it helps you remember things way better, too.

Before diving in, skim through what you’re about to read to get a sneak peek. Also, make a summary at the end of your reading to see what you’ve learned, how the experience was, and what you can improve next. It’s a great way to wrap things up and improve your concentration while reading. 

8 Best Ways to Improve Concentration while Reading

1. Work on your meditation practice.

Strengthen your meditation practice and find a way to clever your mind. ✨Journaling can also help zap away any distracting thoughts so you can dive into your reading with a fresh start.

2. Take care of your sleep schedule.

Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling rested—it’s key for keeping your brain in top shape, too!  Studies show that it impacts mental abilities such as motivation, focus, memory, and learning. Aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. A well-rested brain is more focused and effective. 🧠

3. Eat well and move your body as much as you can.

Getting active and eating right can do wonders for your concentration!  💪 Moving your body will boost your memory and concentration, and as a result, you will retain more information if you move your body regularly. Plus, it can help you handle stress and anxiety better, too. Healthy diet choices will also contribute to better focus, as what you eat can heavily affect your brain. 🫢 Skip the sugary stuff—which can leave you with a short-lived energy spike, and opt for foods rich in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains. They’ll give your brain the fuel it needs to stay focused and sharp.

4. Your brain is also a muscle. Work it out.

If you struggle with concentration, think of it like training for a marathon. Just like you work on your leg muscles to prepare for a race, you can also train your brain to focus better. 

Try training activities to exercise your attention, memory, and cognition, such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word games, or any other activity that keeps your brain active and connected. ✨

5. Read what you’re excited to read.

Choose your TBR list based on what you genuinely enjoy reading. 🤩 Mood reading might help you stay more focused, as you’re more likely to finish a book if you pick it up on your terms rather than when you “have” to read it. 

6. DNF more.

It’s essential to let yourself put down a book if you don’t like it. It might seem controversial, but figuring out what kinds of books you enjoy can make your reading time way more fun and rewarding in the long run.

7. Try audiobooks.

Some people prefer physical and digital reading because it helps them stay focused and stimulates their senses. Audiobooks are great, too, because you can multitask while listening, which is handy when you find it hard to concentrate on a regular book.

8. Use a tool or an app to boost your focus.

If you would rather have a digital buddy to help you stay focused and improve your concentration, here are some apps to keep you company in the process: 

  • Bookly – the best book tracker app to help your reading progress, which keeps you accountable, tracks all your books and improves your reading habits.
  • Freedom – an app that blocks distractions on all your devices at once; 
  • one sec – focus app that delays distracting sites and apps from opening;
  • Forest – an app that helps you stay focused while planting a tree; 
  • RescueTime – an app for time tracking with built-in website blocking;
  • Calm – an app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

Now that you know all about the best ways to improve concentration while reading, remember—it’s all about practice and patience. Stick with it, and soon you’ll master your focus like a pro! 😌

Track Your Reading Progress to Help You Improve Concentration 

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