Picture this: You’re a single mom of two, divorced after you got cheated on, with a messy house, behind on rent, and a looming deadline to submit your next novel while being dead broke. What else could go wrong?! 🥲

It sets the scene for a fast-paced, deliciously witty, and wholeheartedly authentic cozy murder mystery that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! 

We bet you’re intrigued by what Finlay Donovan is Killing It is unpacking, so let’s dive right in! 🤩

Here’s My Book Review for 🔪Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

Finlay is a mom of two who is going through a nasty divorce. She’s an author who barely makes ends meet to pay bills, and her ex-husband won’t let her forget it. 😔

One day, while Finlay and her agent discuss the plot for her next suspense novel, someone overhears them and mistakes her for a contract killer?! 😲

Finlay wasn’t sure why someone would want their husband killed. As much as she wished her ex-husband would disappear, she wouldn’t want someone to end his life. 

This leads her to do her own investigation. But does she accept the job? Or does she throw away the napkin with the written proposal message and forget all about it? 👀

There were a few things that I loved about the book. The first is how all the characters felt real, especially Finlay, the struggling single mom trying to keep everything together. As we uncover the story, the more she tries to keep things together, the more life throws at her, showing that she can’t handle everything alone. 

But Finlay never gives up. 💪

Steven, Finlay’s ex-husband, is relatable too. He runs a very successful business and comes off as this sweet, nice guy. But the nice guy mask covers some deep, dark secrets. He cheats constantly and somehow hasn’t figured out that the truth is slowly coming out. I’m sure we all know a few guys who fit this description or are very close to it, am I right? 😶‍🌫️

Another relatable character in this book is Vero. As a college student, she is struggling to make ends meet and balance her studies and coursework. It all ultimately leads to her working as Finlay’s live-in nanny.  👼

The second thing I liked about this book was all the twists & turns. I promise you, you won’t see them coming! 

Sometimes, you think you know what will happen next, but the least expected happens! For example, when Finlay finds out that authorities issued a search warrant for her ex-husband’s farm.

This book keeps you turning page after page; sometimes, you even want to chew on your nails as the suspense builds because you’re too nervous about how bad things could turn out this time. 🫢

It’s an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of read.

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this book other than that it ended on a cliffhanger. Nothing bugs me more than a cliffhanger. 🥲 

I read as fast as I could to find out what would happen next, only to learn that it didn’t really end! This had me thinking of all kinds of different scenarios and possible outcomes. 

I didn’t see the ending coming, and I was dying to know what would happen next. But I was more than thrilled and relieved when I found out that a second book was coming, cos’ the show must go on! 🤩 

❗Beware of trigger warnings and read cautiously, as this book is suitable for more mature audiences. 

You’ll find drugs, murder, and sex mentioned throughout the book, although there isn’t a large amount of detail on these subjects.  Even so, they are worth keeping an eye on, just in case this is a trigger for anyone or a topic that readers aren’t interested in. 🫡

Overall, I recommend this book/series to those who love mystery and a bit of suspense. I gave this book ⭐ a five-star rating because, as I mentioned before, the characters seemed soo real. 

When you keep me hooked until the end, and I can’t put the book down, I know it was a great read! 

If you made it this far in the review, I hope you give this book a chance. I promise you’ll be happy that you did. 🤩

Book Synopsis

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This book review was written by our Bookly Pro Reader, Martiemary 💙

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