There are hundreds of ways to enjoy a new season, but for book lovers like you and Bloo, there’s nothing like slipping into a mesmerizing story in your backyard or your living room couch! 😁

Actually, for the past couple of weeks, Bloo has been traveling around the globe and exploring new reading horizons 🗺️. And guess what? It’s time to unleash your inner explorer too! 🐯

If you’re looking for a new adventure, grab your friend, and join our Quest #BooklyReadathon! 🌴

Reading has no boundaries, except the ones you make. So why not challenge yourself a bit? 🙌

Let the cool breeze carry you onto new distant lands! Remember that “Don’t worry, be happy” song? 🎶

Why not tune in with the same cheerful vibe and embark on this journey? And as a #BooklyReader told us once, a book is a vacation between your hands 😌📖. 

During our last readathon, we’ve enjoyed the good ol’ cherry blossoms while curling up with a good book. This time around, Bloo has a special plan! 🍍

He’s challenging you to explore the wild jungle and reach one of the following levels of adventure:

👉 The Eager Wanderer – read at least 350 pages.

👉 The Avid Adventurer – read at least 500 pages. 

👉 The Fearless Explorer – read more than 500 pages.

When is the readathon taking place?

From July 29th to August 1st

What do I need to do? 

Read more than 350 during the readathon. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up for our #BooklyReadathon by:

  1. Filling out this form and 
  2. Sharing this article on Twitter:

Hurry up! Registrations for the Quest #BooklyReadathon are open only until July 28th, 11:59 PM EST.

What’s in it for me?

According to each category, we’re offering three Gift Cards* to three lucky winners that we’ll choose randomly after the readathon ends:

👉 The Eager Wanderer – 15$.

👉 The Avid Adventurer – 25$ 

👉 The Fearless Explorer – 50$

*As Gift Cards are only available for shipping within the US, in the case of a non-US resident winner, we will turn to other bookstores available in your country.

How do I win?

It’s simple! Use the Bookly app to track all your reading sessions. On August 2nd, export your Custom Reading Report and submit it 👉 here.

Here’s a video on how you can export your report:

Export your Custom Reading Report

We can’t wait to see what books you choose! Here’s our little dare if you’re at a loss 🐒: 

  • A Book With Green On The Cover
  • A Book With Red On The Cover
  • A Book About An Impossible Journey
  • A Book About A Character That Has A Secret
  • A Book About Exploration
  • A Book With The Word “Walk” In The Title

Don’t forget to use the Quest #BooklyReadathon hashtag in your posts & stories so we can follow along on your progress. Get ready for this thrilling quest and happy reading! 💙💙

Sign up for the #BooklyReadathon here

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