New year, new TBR, and new reading resolutions, right? ✌️ If you’re as competitive as we are, you’re probably looking for some cool & exciting 2022 readathons to get you started.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scouted the whole Internet and now it’s time to share with you all the 2022 readathons that we could find 💃🏻.

Ready to complete the challenges you’ve been doing for years or are you looking for something new, a bit more niche? Just choose whatever you fancy from this list of 2022 readathons and then make sure to add them to your calendars!

We know you have a lot of books on your TBR. The year has just started, so this might be exactly the right push you need to avoid reading slumps from now on.  

2022 Readathons to help you slay your goals ✨

Here’s a toast to less procrastinating and more finished books! 

  1. PopCulture Readathon (1-31 January) – Although this one started already, it’s never too late to tackle all the Pop Culture books you can find.
  2. Mini Manga Readathon (14-16 Jan) – Here’s something to keep an eye on, there will be more rounds! 🙈
  3. JP Lit Readathon (17-23 Jan) – And maybe on this one too?
  4. Hello 2022 Readathon (23-29 January) – Tell us a better way (and name 🤭) to greet the year than with a readathon. We bet you can match at least four books to the prompts!
  5. Arctic Bookly Readathon (27-30 January) – You’ve signed up for it, right? Our challenge is to read at least 400 pages. It doesn’t matter the books you choose as long as you don’t forget to track them with the Bookly App. Find out more in our dedicated blog post!
  6. Polarthon (7-13 Feb) – If you’re looking for another frosty adventure after our readathon, this one might do ❄️.
  7. OlympicsAthon (2-20 February) – The Winter Olympic Games will start soon, choose your team wisely! 
  8. Winter’s Respite Readathon (1-28 February) – Pop in when you can, everybody is welcome to join this readathon.
  9. Blackathon (1-28 February) – This readathon celebrates black voices and literature. Just join a team and win the challenge!
  10. Star Trek Readathon (1-28 February) – The crew of the USS Enterprise is looking for new members, are you ready? 
  11. The Royal Readathon (1-28 February) – Princes, princesses, castles, crowns, and animals! Yup, this year’s edition is about animals.
  12. Queer Lit Readathon (26-27 March) – As you already know, this is our favorite weekend edition readathon that challenges you to read more inclusive books 🌈. 
  13. Trope-ical Readathon (1-31 March) – All we know is that you have to choose from 5 genres only, but a lot of tropes!
  14. Greek GodAthon (1-31 March) – Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Athena, *insert the name of another Greek god here*.
  15. March Mythical Madness Readathon (1-31 March) – Are you ready, Quest Seekers? March is coming!
  16. Mythothon (1-30 April) – And to keep the mythical party going, why not add another challenge to your list? 
  17. ClearUrSht (1-31 June) – Just what you need to declutter your bookshelves 💁.

2022 Readathons that are year-long 👇

  1. #AYearAThon – You have one week each month to read as many books as the theme allows!
  2. #ReadQueerToo2022 – Excited about all the LGBTQ+ characters and stories? Let’s see how many books you can read this year 😉.
  3. 52 Books Challenge – The goal here is to read 52 books from the 52 different categories provided. It shouldn’t be too much, right? 
  4. Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – Let’s see how fast you can fill up your reading bowl with these prompts!
  5. Agatha Christie Reading Challenge – Well, it kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? 🔪
  6. Audiobook Challenge – Are you an audiobook junkie? Join this readathon and listen to even more audiobooks this year!
  7. Aussie Author Challenge – The goal here is to read and review as many books written by Australian authors as you can, mate! 🦘
  8. Back to the Classics – A challenge to read the classics you’ve always meant to read. There are 12 categories and all books must have been written at least 50 years ago to qualify. 
  9. Beachcomber Mystery Reading Challenge – Looking for some salty hair and breezy air vibes? You can become the ultimate Beachcomber by filling the set of 4 beach bags with some cozy mysteries. 
  10. Beat the Backlist – Any format, any genre, just make sure the books you’re reading were published in the previous year or earlier! 
  11. Beyond The Bookends – 12 months, 12 prompts, and nothing more 📚. Ready for it?
  12. Book Bingo – Read a book that fits each category. Oh, one more thing! This year’s theme is TIME.
  13. Book Bingo Reading Challenge – Another fun bingo challenge, but this time, you get to decide how many you want to do!
  14. Books In Translation – Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Read a book that’s been translated into a different language of your choosing ✍️.
  15. Book To Movie (and TV) Reading Challenge – Has one of your favorite books been made into a movie or a TV series? Maybe they’re on this list too! 
  16. Bookish Resolutions – If this readathon won’t make you stick to your resolutions, then what else?
  17. Booklist Queen’s Reading Challenge – Read a book every week. P.S. You can change or skip prompts with this one.
  18. Build Your Library Challenge – This year’s theme is “We’re Going On an Adventure” ✈️.  
  19. Calendar of Crime – Each month will bring a new crime. Sorry, we meant a new book, haha!
  20. Children’s Books Reading Challenge for Adults – Challenge your inner child into reading as many children’s books as you can! 
  21. Chunkster Reading Challenge – Any chunkster bigger than 450 pages is perfect for this challenge 📕.
  22. Clean Out Your E-Reeds – There are 4 seasonal challenges, check them out asap!
  23. Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge – Welcome to the club, all the restless mystery murder detectives will be here!
  24. Color Coded Reading Challenge – Each color has to appear in the title or to be dominant for the cover, what do you think?
  25. Craving For Cozies – You can never have too many cozy mystery books!
  26. Creativity Reading Challenge – Art, crafts, writing, photography, cooking, and all that creative jazz ✨
  27. Cruisin’ Thru The Cozies – Like #42 wasn’t enough!
  28. The Buzzword Readathon – You know it and you love it, haha! This readathon runs through the first week of each month. The goal is to read one book featuring the monthly buzzword 🐝. 
  29. Diversify Your Reading Challenge – Flip, flip, flip those pages!
  30. Elif the Reader 2022 Reading Challenge – If you’re curious about new reading discoveries, you might want to give this challenge a try. 
  31. Epistolary Reading Challenge – This readathon is about books written in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, e-mails, and such.
  32. European Reading Challenge – It’s their 10 year anniversary and the European tour has begun. Choose your own level of commitment and complete the challenge!
  33. Fairytale Reading Challenge – Each month, you have to read one fairytale that matches the prompt, an original fairytale, or any retelling 🧚‍♀️.
  34. Finishing the Series – You have the whole year to FINALLY finish those series that you’ve started last year… 
  35. FOLD Challenge – Each month, The Festival Of Literary Diversity features one of the challenges through a blog article, encouraging book lovers to diversify their reading, as well as listening skills. 
  36. Foodies Read – The genres you read don’t matter, as long as the books you choose feature food 😋
  37. Four Moon Reading Challenge – You can choose any of the 40 reading prompts provided to help you complete this readathon.
  38. Gaia/ Nature Reading Challenge – The perfect opportunity to focus on books about nature and climate change 🌱
  39. Georgian Reading Challenge – Could you squeeze at least 4 books set in the Georgian Era on your TBR? 
  40. Historical Fiction Reading Challenge – All sub-genres go, from historical romance to YA. 
  41. Humor Reading Challenge – This readathon will surely be a laugh!
  42. Library Love Challenge – A challenge designed to celebrate and support libraries by reading at least 12 books from a library! 
  43. Linz The Bookworm 2021 Reading Challenge – There are 5 different levels and each one of them comes with different categories 🤓.
  44. Literary Escapes – Do you have all the books it takes to “travel” to each state from the US? 
  45. Medical Examiner’s Mystery Reading Challenge – The goal is to issue as many Toe Tags you can by reading murder mysteries 🏷️. 
  46. Mental Health Reading Challenge – This readathon focuses on mental health stories, and you can choose between fiction & nonfiction.
  47. Mythical, Mystical, Magical Reading Challenge – All prompts can be mixed & matched for this challenge. Choose any of the 25 prompts and begin your mythical, mystical, magical journey. 
  48. Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge – Each title must include one or more of the month’s keywords if you plan on winning this readathon. 
  49. Monthly Motif Reading Challenge – There’s only one task here: read one book that fits the motif for each month 📖.
  50. Monthly Book Award Reading Challenge – Read a book that has won an award, no matter the year!
  51. Mount TBR – Your books were waiting for this challenge. The goal is to read your OWN books and complete one of the 8 challenges.  
  52. Netgalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge – How many NetGalley and/or Edelweiss books can you read?
  53. The Nerdy Bookworm – Another challenge that involves reading 50 books this year to add to your resolutions.
  54. The Nerd Daily Reading Challenge – And if #70 wasn’t enough 😅
  55. Nonfiction Reader Challenge – The aim of this readathon is to encourage you to make nonfiction part of your reading experience throughout the year.
  56. Out of Your Comfort Zone – Do you like badges? Then see how many you can win for this challenge!
  57. Pick Your Poison – Could this be the ultimate challenge you’ve been craving for?
  58. Poetry Reading Challenge – When words sound better than music, you join this readathon!
  59. Popsugar Reading Challenge – If reading 50 books throughout the year seems a bit too much, Popsugar has divided its challenges into 40 standard book prompts and 10 more advanced ones. Are you up for it?
  60. PBN Reading Challenge – They’re not just book nerds, they’re Professional Book Nerds! Curious to find out all the 11 prompts? 🎧
  61. The Purrfect Reading Challenge – Cats and mysteries, what else do you need?
  62. A RAD Reading Challenge – A fun, easy, and inspiring challenge to spice up your reading. 
  63. Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks – This readathon comes with 4 different challenges: 52 Books Bingo, A to Z and Z to A Word of the Week, Books about Books Bookology, and Crime Spree. 
  64. Read Around the World – The perfect challenge to read your way across seven continents!
  65. Romance Books Reading Challenge – For all mood readers 🌹, hi there!
  66. Read Your Bookshelf Challenge – Each month brings a new prompt to push you a bit more out of your comfort zone and challenges you to, of course, read your bookshelves!
  67. Series Enders – Another challenge that focuses on finishing book series. 
  68. She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge – This year, there’s a special bonus waiting for you!
  69. Six Shooter Mystery Challenge – Read 6 mysteries written by the same author 🔫.
  70. Spacetime Reading Challenge – This readathon is all about fiction books set in space. To infinity and beyond!
  71. Stacked Reviews 2021 Reading Challenge – We love a good checklist and this one is amazing, not gonna lie. 
  72. TBR Challenge 2022 – How many books do you have on your TBR? Ready to slay the year?
  73. TBR 22 in ’22 – Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is!
  74. This or That – Choose wisely and enjoy reading 😌.
  75. Turtle Recall – Any fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld around here?
  76. Unabridged Reading Challenge – Are you familiar with the Unabridged podcast? Then you have to join their challenge! 
  77. Uncorked Reading Challenge – There’s a category for each month, with books that celebrate travel, diversity, and wine. Cheers! 🍷
  78. Victorian Reading Challenge – The Victorians always do it right. 
  79. Vintage Scattergories: Vintage Mystery Challenge – This will be a fun mystery challenge!
  80. Wandering Reader Challenge – There’s nothing like reading and travel, isn’t it?
  81. What An Animal Reading Challenge – A readathon about books featuring animals 🐕, we love our reading companions!  
  82. While I Was Reading Reading Challenge – Each month comes with a book, all you have to do is read.
  83. World Reading Challenge – Books are sometimes the one-way ticket you need to visit distant lands, so why not travel around the world during this readathon? 🌎 
  84. World War II Challenge – Ready to read books that were either written during WW2 or set in that period?

And that’s a wrap on our ultimate list of 2022 readathons! Check out last year’s reading challenges here

Are you new to reading challenges and readathons? Check our ultimate readathon guide to help you out. 

And don’t forget that Bloo, your personal reading assistant, will always be by your side and help you improve by tracking all the books for your next readathon along the way! 

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  1. Thank you for including the SpaceTime Reading Challenge on your list! I might join you in a readathon too.


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      You’re more than welcome to join any challenge you want, Jemima! Bloo will be there to support you if you have the Bookly app too 😉

  2. Wow wow wow! So many reading challenges for this year, this is exciting! Thank you so much for including #ReadQueerToo2022 as well!

    • gabrielle Reply

      We’re excited too! Yup, we couldn’t have left it out <3

  3. You should put a time countdown for the challenges (like Arctic challenge – 4 hrs remained, for example) and also a progress info, bar, something like you read 200 pages in this challenge.

    Thank you!

    • gabrielle Reply

      Thank you for reaching out, we appreciate it. Your feedback is always helpful, and with every update, we’re looking into how we can make Bookly even better for our users. Thanks again and happy reading!

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