Did someone say hide and seek?

At a carnival?

At night?

Get ready for the spiciest game of hide and seek you’ve ever played! 🔥

No Place to Hide is a one-hundred-page dark romance novella that will make you question everything you thought you knew about carnivals.

Here’s Our Book Review of No Place to Hide

Harper Ashley and Wren Hawthorne have given us one of the hottest cat-and-mouse romance books! This smutty novella is a ⭐ five-star read that you will devour in one sitting. It will have you gasping and blushing throughout its entirety; just be sure to follow the rules:

  • Rule #1: Don’t leave the carnival!
  • Rule #2: Don’t get caught!
  • Rule #3: If you get caught, you get punished!
  • Rule #4: Don’t trust a word that comes out of my mouth!

What in the trigger warning is that? Though small, this book is fully packed with some of the most unhinged trigger warnings we have come across. We admit we might have had to Google one or two. 🤭

No Place to Hide is intended for those over the age of 18. So, if blood play, degradation, humiliation, knife play, spanking, vulgar language, or clowns aren’t for you, you might want to turn away now. But if you like your romance books dark and smutty, get ready for one wild carnival ride.

Why We Loved No Place to Hide

First and foremost, Jackson. Don’t let the carny formalities fool you; this man is not your stereotypical carnival worker. Having been to prison for a heinous crime, he is a hot and hardened ex-con who has some kinks that are oh-so-delicious. The perfect book boyfriend. That is if you like being tied up and caged on occasion.

Jackson, the pretty ex-con boy, wants nothing more than a simple night doing his job at the carnival. Instead, he gets Blair, a naive, privileged girl looking for a night of not having to be herself for a change. Will one night be enough?

The descriptive writing also captivated us. This dark romance novella is very well written, with no plot holes and great character descriptions. Don’t you love it when an author pulls you right in, making you feel like you are watching the story unfold rather than reading it? That’s exactly what happens in No Place to Hide. As the reader, you almost feel as if you’re there. You can see the carnival, smell the freshly squeezed lemons from the lemonade stand, and feel the sticky crunchy ground beneath your feet.

The writing has you grasping on to each word, eagerly anticipating what’s to come next. When the real fun begins, the duel point of view is the chef’s kiss. You get to feel the excitement of the chase from Jackson and the anticipation of being hunted by Blair.

The way Harper Ashley and Wren Hawthorne take an innocent childhood game and turn it into an erotic, adult version will have you wanting to play a game of your own. We promise you will never look at a Ferris wheel or funhouse the same again.

Okay, romance girls, don’t be discouraged by all the darkness and smut. No Place to Hide teases you with a slight chance of romance between Jackson and Blair. There is an undeniable connection between these two.

The extended epilogue leaves you with exactly what is needed for the perfect ending… for now.

Favorite Quote

“I’ll give you a head start,” he growls into my ear. “Three minutes, Blair.” I’ve had nightmares that started out like this. A monster has me in their clutches, and I break free, running for my life, pleading with the gods to save me. This isn’t a nightmare, though, and this monster is very much real. The scariest part is that I’m not sure I would want to wake up.

What to Expect Next?

To our absolute delight, the authors have teased a possible sequel. Will we get more Jackson and Blair or a spin-off? This is yet to be confirmed, but we are here for whatever these amazing ladies have for us next.

This book review was written by our Bookly Pro Readers, Bailey Maglisco and Danielle Polisseni (The Completely Booked Girls) 💙

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