2023 seems to have brought a lot of heartbreak and ending romantic relationships for many people. If you are currently going through one or have in the past, I’m here to help you recover and make you believe in love once again. I’ll give you some romance book recommendations; some I’ve read recently, others, in the past! I have found that romance books are a good remedy for a broken heart. So strap in and prepare yourself for some lovey-dovey fluffy romance! 

10 Lovey-Dovey Fluffy Romance Books Recommendations

💞 Writing The Rules by Mariah Dietz

Tropes: Best Friend’s Brother/Fake Dating

This is a sports romance and the 6th book in Mariah Dietz’s ‘The Dating Playbook’ series. It follows Paxton and Poppy, who make a deal to fake a date for their mutual benefit. This book was on my list because I absolutely fell in love with Poppy and Paxton’s relationship. Even though they are fake dating, they genuinely care for one another, and it was so much fun watching them fall in love with each other. They are a good reminder that opposites can attract and that even if you go through a terrible breakup or have a terrible prior relationship, it doesn’t mean all your relationships will be like that. 

💞 Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas 

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers/Marriage of Convenience

This is a historical romance book and the 3rd book in Lisa Kleypas’s ‘Wallflowers’ series. It follows Evie and Sebastian, whom we met in previous books, who decide to have a marriage of convenience. Evie needs to escape her abusive family, and Sebastian needs to marry an heiress with a hefty dowry. This book is a romance novel that I always find myself rereading whenever I’m feeling heartsick. Evie and Sebastian’s relationship is the definition of dreamy. While they are complete opposites, Evie being a shy wallflower and Sebastian being a notorious rake, they can still find harmony within one another and create a love that nothing and no one could come in between. 

💞 Blind Side by Kandi Steiner 

Tropes: Fake Dating 

The 2nd book in the ‘Red Zone Rivals’ series follows Giana and Clay. Giana is the Public Relations Coordinator for her university’s football team, and after a media fiasco, Giana finds herself having to deal with Clay’s lousy attitude. Giana and Clay decide to work together to make Clay’s ex jealous and make Giana’s musician crush notice her. This book gave me all the warm fuzzies. I loved Giana and Clay’s relationship because they really brought out the best in one another. Their relationship burned hot and fast, and I was just happy to be along for the ride. 

💞 Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Tropes: Fake Dating/Brother’s Best Friend

This book follows Travis Ford, a washed-up ex-baseball player, and Georgie Castle, Travis’s best friend’s little sister. Georgie has always been invisible, especially to Travis, who she’s been in love with as long as she can remember. I loved reading about Travis and Georgie’s relationship. It was great to see someone like Travis, who was very standoffish about relationships, start to realize that he couldn’t live without Georgie. Something that I bet some of us wish someone would do for us. 

💞 Icebreaker by Hannah Grace 

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

Nathan Hawkins truly is a man written by a woman. This book follows Nathan and Anastasia, a hockey player and an ice skater who clash because they have to share a skating rink after vandalism destroys the hockey team’s rink. This book did throw me through a loop because of the casual sexual relationships between characters (no judgment here, as long as everyone is consenting, you do you!), I am a relationship girly myself. But I did still enjoy the book! Nate and Anastasia’s relationship starts off rocky initially, and it was fun seeing it become what it did. Nate is a very romantic and open character who isn’t afraid to share his feelings. And Anastasia is definitely more reserved and doesn’t open up very well. I loved seeing their personalities clash! There was plenty of romance and fluff to fill up this book’s pages! 

💞 King of Greed by Ana Huang

Tropes: Second Chance 

What could get any better than a rich, attractive man groveling at his wife’s feet? Dominic Davenport had everything going for him until he didn’t. After ten years of marriage, his wife, Alessandra, realizes she isn’t happy anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. One night, after another missed anniversary, Alessandra decides she deserves better. I am a sucker for second-chance romance books, and this one delivered. Like many other romance books, I loved how they had actual issues instead of a misunderstanding. I also loved seeing their relationship turn into something much healthier than it was. Dominic really knows how to grovel! Highly recommend you add this to your romance books list.

💞 You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers/Workplace Romance

This book follows Jasmine and Ashton, two soap opera actors hoping to catch their next big break after hitting some walls. Jasmine and Ashton get off the wrong foot when they first meet and have to create chemistry between their characters on screen. And boy, do they! Jasmine and Ashton both had a lot going on in their lives, and it was great seeing them open up to one another. Being yourself, even if it isn’t always the perfect version of you around the person you love, is so important! Some of the spicy scenes in this book are among my favs! 

💞 Twisted Lies by Ana Huang 

Tropes: Fake Dating/Grumpy Sunshine

Christian Harper is a notorious billionaire CEO of a security company, and Stella Alonso is a sweet fashion influencer who’s trying to get her foot into the fashion world. There is nothing more that I love than the hero in a romance book only being vulnerable and good for the heroine. I absolutely love that trope! And this book gives me plenty of that. Christian is very cold and heartless to other people, but when it comes to Stella, he is as warm and fuzzy as they come. I love Stella and Christian’s different personalities and how they created this epic romance with one another. I find myself constantly rereading this book when I need a reminder of what love is about! 

💞 Collide by Bal Khabra 

Tropes: Enemies to Friends to Lovers

This hockey romance follows Summer, an aspiring sports psychologist, and Aiden, a hockey player, who clash when Summer is forced to work with the hockey team for her project. Summer hates hockey, which means she hates Aiden. Summer and Aiden developing their relationship from enemies to friends was a lot of fun to read about. Maintaining friendships is very important in romantic relationships. I liked that the author made them friends before they became lovers. Also, who doesn’t love a third-act breakup? 

💞 Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

Tropes: Friends to Lovers 

Josh and Hazel are just best friends; they make that clear to the reader. But what if…. they aren’t? What if they both have feelings for one another that they can’t let go? And what if those feelings escape when they least want them to? This is a book that I actually don’t talk about much, but I find myself rereading a lot. I love Josh and Hazel’s relationship and their acceptance of one another. Reading about their romance and how they couldn’t hold back their desire any longer is a good reminder that love should be something you never have to hold back. You should be able to give it freely and fully to the person you are with. 

There it is, folks! Ten books that’ll make you fall back in love with love after any kind of heartache. Relationships are tricky, and moving on from them can be even trickier. At the end of the day, work on yourself and do what makes you happy. Whether reading a romance book or knitting, make sure you don’t lose yourself while you heal. Until next time! 

This article was written by our Bookly Pro Reader, The Rose Post 💙 

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