Buckle up, lovebirds and bookworms! We’re diving into a whirlwind tour of swoon-worthy stories, heart-fluttering dialogues, and unforgettable characters. ​​Ready to fall head over heels for a good book? Here are some of the hottest new romance releases of September. This is your guide for romance reads that will make you wish summer flings could last forever. Let’s get this love fest started! 🍂💕

September New Romance Releases to Add to Your TBR


A sapphic rivals to lovers rom-com for fans of Ted Lasso and A League of Their Own, where two soccer teammates are at odds before falling in love as their team gears up for the World Cup.

Grace Henderson has been a star of the US Women’s National Team for ten years, even though she’s only 26. But when she’s sidelined with an injury, a bold new upstart, Phoebe Matthews, takes her spot. 22-year-old Phoebe is everything Grace isn’t—a gregarious jokester who plays with a joy that Grace lost somewhere along the way. The last thing Grace expects is to become teammates with benefits with this class clown she sees as her rival.

Phoebe Matthews is too focused on her first season as a professional soccer player to think about seducing her longtime idol. But when Grace ends up making the first move, they can’t keep their hands off of each other.

As the World Cup approaches and Grace works her way back from injury, a miscommunication leaves the women with hilariously different perspectives on their relationship. But they’re on the same page on the field, realizing they can play together instead of vying for the same position. With every tackle, the tension between them grows, and both players soon have to decide what’s more important—being together or making the roster.

The perfect blend of funny and steamy, Meryl Wilsner’s Cleat Cute is about being brave enough to win on and off the field.


Our new favorite trope: Childhood friends. To enemies. To lovers. In a chemistry-filled debut romance.

Daniel Rosenberg and Liyah Cohen-Jackson’s last conversation—fourteen years ago at summer camp—ended their friendship. Until they find themselves seated next to each other on a plane and bitterly pick up right where they left off. At least they can go their separate ways again after landing…
That is until Daniel’s marketing firm gets hired by the Chicago museum where Liyah works as a junior curator. Then, they’re forced to collaborate with potential career-changing promotions on the line.

With every meeting and post-work social gathering with colleagues, the tension (and chemistry) between Daniel and Liyah builds until they’re forced to confront why they broke apart years ago at camp. But as they find comfort in their shared experiences as Jews of color and fumble towards friendship, can they ignore their growing feelings for each other?

With sexy charm and undeniable wit, Rachel Runya Katz’s sparkling debut, Thank You For Sharing, proves that if you’re open to love, anything is possible. And that’s exactly the kind of novel we want to add to our new romance releases TBR pile.


Ariella Mason has the perfect life.

Perfect job? Check.

Perfect home? Check.

Perfect fiancé? Check.

None of this is by accident. Ariella is a card-carrying perfectionist.
On the other side of the city lives Ariella’s polar opposite. Caleb Black is an unrepentant, smart-ass, seat-of-his-pants, arrogant party boy getting through life on charisma and raw sex appeal (his words).

So why, one night, does Ariella turn up with her bags, asking to rent Caleb’s spare room?

Ariella has done a complete 180 on her life. And nothing good could ever come of this… Could it?

Be captivated by this hilarious and oftentimes heartbreaking journey into both Ariella and Caleb’s worlds as one tries to rebuild their once-perfect life. While the other struggles with just how much theirs could change forever. The perfect read for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Beth O’Leary, and Sophie Kinsella.


Two sworn enemies. One failing hotel. Love is the last thing they need . . .

It’s the busiest time of the year, and Forest Manor Hotel is quite literally falling apart. So when sworn enemies Izzy and Lucas are given the same shift at the hotel’s front desk, they have no choice but to put their differences aside.

The hotel won’t stay afloat without some sort of miracle. But when Izzy returns a guest’s lost wedding ring, the reward convinces management this might fix everything. With four rings still sitting in lost property, the race is on for Izzy and Lucas to save their beloved hotel – and their jobs.

As their bitter rivalry turns into something much more complicated, Izzy and Lucas begin to wonder if there’s more at stake here than the hotel’s future. Can the two of them make it through the season with their hearts intact? Add this to your new romance releases list and find out 😉


A witch without a spell.

All Ursula Caraway wished for was to live happily ever after in her hometown of Freya Grove. The self-proclaimed Jersey Shore Witch Princess was set to begin her perfect life—until a twist of fate changed everything. Now, she’s telling fortunes to the lovelorn, selling crystals at the local psychic shop, and reclaiming her missing magic. Ursula desperately wishes to shake up her life—so much so that she’ll do just about anything. Including befriending a very cute, very enchanted prince.  

A prince in search of a kiss.

Prince Xavier Alder needs to find The One, but his lack of social skills has made that a challenge. And being cursed by the Faerie Queen isn’t helping either. So when Ursula, eager to believe in magic again, agrees to help Xavier find a perfect, curse-breaking kiss before Midsummer, it’s the ideal opportunity for them to get what they want. So long as they don’t let their mutual (and inconvenient) attraction get in the way.


When a relationship therapist gets dumped right before her new dating handbook hits shelves, she fake dates to save face in this spicy romantic comedy.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on an author’s publication day, but breaking up with her long-term boyfriend might just be at the top of Jessica Gallagher’s list. She also didn’t expect to run into her old crush, Galvin Baker, the very next day. When Jessica goes into crisis mode about the PR nightmare, she proposes the first solution that comes to mind: fake dating. Luckily, Galvin seems game.

Galvin Baker is used to being a constant disappointment, which is why he can’t—and won’t—commit to a relationship. Unfortunately for him, his last girlfriend used her vast social media power to make sure everyone knows how much Galvin “underperforms.” Fake dating for Jessica’s book promotion seems like the perfect cover. And maybe she can teach him something along the way also.

Hookups “for science” and some seriously sweet gestures later, Jessica and Galvin’s fake dates are feeling more authentic than any of their previous relationships did. Have they replaced unrealistic expectations with unexpected realness? We look forward to finding out, so this is another one we’ll be adding to our new romance releases list.


Gillian Armstead-Bancroft—Pride of the East Side and once-perfect bruja, wife, and mother—is going to spend her summer getting good at being bad.

The first time she left Freedom, Kansas, behind, she did it by doing everything right.

This time, she’ll hide from the large Mexican-American family welcoming her home and work in secret to break the curse that erased her magical life. Only by doing it all wrong can Gillian get herself and her two children away from the ghosts of her hometown by summer’s end.
Nicky Mendoza is an answer to her prayers. He was the practical solution to the problem of her virginity when they were younger, and now, as a gorgeous artist in town for only a weekend, he’s the ideal man to launch her down the path of ruination.

But Gillian isn’t the only one who’s cursed.
Nicky has been plagued by his furtive, enduring love for her as long as he’s been haunted by his cadejo, the phantom black dog that stalks his psyche. He’ll stick around to be whatever Gillian needs him to be this summer—but he won’t touch her. Touching her, then watching her leave again, would ruin him for good.


When Ari and Josh first meet, the wrong kind of sparks fly. They hate each other. Instantly.

A free-spirited, struggling comedian who likes to keep things casual, Ari sublets, takes gigs, and never sleeps over after hooking up. Born-and-bred Manhattanite Josh has ambitious plans: Take the culinary world by storm, find The One, and make her breakfast in his spotless kitchen. They have absolutely nothing in common . . . except that they happen to be sleeping with the same woman.

Ari and Josh never expect their paths to cross again. But years later, as they’re both reeling from ego-bruising breakups, a chance encounter leads to a surprising connection: friendship. Turns out, spending time with your former nemesis is fun when you’re too sad to hate each other—and too sad for hate sex.
As friends without benefits, they find comfort in late-night Netflix binges, swiping through each other’s online dating profiles, and bickering across boroughs. It’s better than romance. Until one night, the unspoken boundaries of their platonic relationship begin to blur. . . .

With sharp observations and sizzling chemistry, You, Again explores the dynamics of co-ed friendship in this sparkling romantic comedy of modern love in all its forms. Won’t you add this to your TBR pile under new romance releases? 🥺


Fake dating gets a magical twist in this enchanting queer romantic comedy. A witch worries that the real feelings brewing between her and her crush are due to an accidental love potion, and the only way out of the disastrous spell is a healthy dose of the truth. Drink up, witches!

Potion maker and self-proclaimed “messy witch” Morgan Greenwood is sure she was hexed at birth. Not only did she drunkenly offer to fake date the woman of her dreams during the biennial New England Witches’ festival, but Rory Sandler, spellcasting champion and brilliant elemental witch—for reasons known only to the Goddess—accepted. It’s like every good luck spell Morgan ever cast came through at once, and it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict this charade will end with a broken heart.

Or is the magic between them real? As Morgan and Rory prepare to fool everyone at the festival, their relationship starts to feel a whole lot less fake—right until Morgan realizes she might have screwed up the common relaxation potion she made for Rory and given her a love potion instead, breaking one of the most sacred Witch Council Laws.

To fulfill her promise to Rory, Morgan must somehow keep playing pretend while under the watchful eyes of Rory’s family and legion of fans. But to break the love potion, she’ll also have to prove how incompatible she and Rory really are. For a screwup like her, ruining their relationship should be easy—except every day, Morgan is becoming more bewitched by Rory herself.


A romcom retake on Father of the Bride about letting go, falling in love, and a whole lot of lasagna…

For someone who doesn’t do well with change, Pippin Marino sure is dealing with a lot of it. First, her twin sister returns from Europe with a fiancé and a plea for Pippin to plan the wedding. Then her mom announces plans to sell the 100-year-old family restaurant that Pippin has been running since her father died.

But at least there’s one good development in Pippin’s life. Her best friend, Toby Sullivan, surprised her by moving back to Boston. Having him back is the one bright spot amidst her summer of panic, especially when he offers to help her plan the wedding.

But then one kiss changes everything.

And Pippin Marino does not do well with change.

Lauren Morrill’s adult debut promises heart, heat, and plenty to eat. Is this enough to convince you to add this novel to your new romance releases TBR pile?

So, folks, we’ve swooned, we’ve sighed, and oh boy, have we ever fallen head-over-heels for September’s new romance releases. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Or should I say, a cliffhanger for the next chapter?

Keep those pages turning and heart’s yearning. October’s just around the corner with a whole new batch of love stories to make you fall even harder. Until then, let’s raise a toast to love and the stories that make us believe in it. Happy reading, and catch ya in the next love loop! 📚💕

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