🧟‍♀️📚 Get Your Brains… I Mean, Books Ready! 📚🧟‍♂️ The Zombie Bookly Readathon 2023 is here! 

Join us on a spine-tingling journey through the world of the undead! 🌑 Whether you’re a zombie fiction fanatic or just looking to escape the apocalypse for a while, this is the readathon for you.

📚 Stock up on your favorite zombie-themed books, ignite your reading lanterns, and prepare for an adventure like no other. Each page you turn is another step closer to survival!

🌆 Connect with fellow survivors, share your fighting strategies (and book recommendations), and stay one step ahead of the zombie horde. Can you make it to the last page before they catch you?


🧟 From October 20th to October 31st, bookworms around the world will join the most epic 12-day-long reading battle of their life.

Don’t let the undead get the best of you—arm yourself with books (e-books and audiobooks, too ✌) and let the reading battle begin!

Registration for the Zombie Bookly Readathon 2023 opens on October 5th and will be open until October 19th. Signing up is easy: update your Bookly app, tap “join” on the Readathon tab, and start tracking your reading sessions. Bonus points if you use the #BooklyReadathon hashtag on your social channels to share your progress and get book suggestions from fellow participants.

What Are the Zombie Challenge Levels? 🔥

For this readathon, we challenge you to slay all the pages of the spine-tingling books on your TBR! There are 3 levels based on the number of hours you spent reading:

⚰️ Eternal Rest Rockstar – read for up to 8 hours

🪦 Cursed Naps Master – read for 8 hours or more & under 15 hours

🏛️ Immortal Siesta Sensei – read for 15 hours or more

For bonus points, make sure to also join us on Twitter and Discord on October 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th for some exciting reading sprints.

📖 Do you already have a list of books you plan on reading? AWESOME! If not, we’ve prepared a few prompts for you: 

Zombie Bookly Readathon Prompts:

  • A book with a gore cover 🧟
  • A book set in the underworld ☠️
  • A dark book 😈
  • A book on your TBR 📚

When is the readathon taking place?

From October 20th to October 31st.

For 12 whole days! 

What do I need to do? 

Read for more than 8 hours during the readathon and track your progress with Bookly. 

You can do this!

Where can I sign up?

Here’s how to sign up for our #BooklyReadathon:

  1. If you’re an iOS or Android user, you can sign up directly on the special Readathon Tab in the Bookly App;
  2. (Optional) If you’d like to register using a form outside our Bookly App, please fill out this form;
  3. Give us a shoutout on your social media to help us spread the news! Share our readathon-related posts, and make sure to tag us 🤗

Hurry up! Registrations for the Zombie #BooklyReadathon are open only until October 19th, 11:59 PM UTC.

What’s in it for me?

According to each level, we’re offering three Bookshop.org vouchers* to three lucky winners that we’ll choose randomly after the readathon ends.

In addition, we’ll give a special mention and a Bookshop Gift Card worth $15 to the participant who was most active on social media: share your progress, use the Bookly Instagram templates, mention @booklyapp, post on your feed, and don’t forget about the #BooklyReadathon hashtag.

🥉 Eternal Rest Rockstar- $25

🥈 Cursed Naps Master – $50

🥇 Immortal Siesta Sensei – $100

🤳 Social Media Prize – $15

*As Bookshop.org Gift Cards are only available for shipping within the US, in the case of a non-US resident winner, we will turn to other bookstores available in your country.

How do I win?

It’s simple! First, use the Bookly App to track all your reading sessions. 

If you’ve signed up through Bookly App, on November 1st, you can export your Custom Reading Report directly through the app at the end of our readathon.

If you signed up through our form, on November 1st, export your Custom Reading Report and submit it 👉 here.

Here’s a video on how you can export your report:

Don’t forget to join us on our discord server Bookly Reading Lounge for ongoing bookish discussions, a dedicated channel for the Zombie Bookly Readathon, and book lovers worldwide!! 💙

Join the Bookly Reading Lounge Discord Server here.

Enjoy your readathon! 📚

Sign up for the #BooklyReadathon here.

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