Can you believe that January is almost over? 🤔 It’s weird how time flies sometimes, just like that, page after page… 

Oh well, there’s no need to get sentimental now! Time goes by faster when you’re having fun so instead get ready for the 2021 readathons 🎉🎉

Your TBR pile has been waiting and this is the perfect moment to join some readathons! It’s time to discover new stories, add new quotes to your collection 📝💭 and improve your reading speed. 

Prepare your reading glasses (if you wear any 🤓), get comfy and shall we begin?


Here are all the 2021 readathons so far which you can join in order to smash that TBR pile 📚📚 Just figuratively though 😅

1.Buzzword Readathon (1-7 of each month) – according to the month, you need to find books with specific words in the title.

2. Explore-a-thon (1-31 January) – explore the sci-fi and fantasy world. Allons-y!

3. Four Nations Readathon (1-31 January) – for all the Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Kora fans out there, it’s time to choose your nation! 

4. Jane Austen January (1-31 January) – how could we start the year without the curious Elizabeth and the puzzling Mr. Darcy?

5. Once Upon A Grimm (1-31 January) – a readathon dedicated to the well-loved Grimms stories.

6. Past & Future Readathon (1-31 January) – on this readathon, remember the past and enjoy the new!

7. PopCulture Readathon (1-31 January) – this month, tackle all the Pop Culture you can find 💁🏻

8. Read Yo’ Shelves (1-31 January) – remember all those books you bought and never got the chance to read them? 

9. Medieval-A-Thon (10 January – 10 February) – prepare to go to battle against your TBR pile!

10. Off The Grid Readathon (15-17 January) – during this weekend focus on reading without any distractions.

11. Historical Romance Readathon (15-21 January) – this readathon challenges you to read romantic stories from the past 🌹

12. Rest and Reset Readathon (16-17 January) – take a deep breath, read, rest and reset!

13. Graphics Readathon (16-19 January) – this reading challenge is all about anything with graphics, from novels to comics and manga.

14. Polarthon (1-7 February) – a readathon about the perfect mix between a penguin, a seal and an arctic fox ❄️

Before starting the Polarthon, don’t forget to join the Bookly Winter Readathon 2021

15. The Black Lit Challenge (1-28 February) – this is one for celebrating black literature from everywhere!

16. Demonathon (1-28 February) – not all demons are bad after all…

17. Wonderland-a-thon (1-28 February) – follow little Alice on her intriguing journey in the land of books!

18. Wayward-A-Thon (1-28 February) – the Winchester brothers are baaack 🔪🔪

19. March Mystery Madness (1-31 March) – this month will be a bloody and mysterious one.

20. Trope-ical Readathon (1-31 March) – all we know is that you have to choose from 5 genres only, but a lot of tropes! 🤭

21. The Walking Dead Readathon (1-31 March) – time to kill those zombies!

22. Queer Lit Readathon (27-28 March) – this readathon challenges you to read only books by or about queer (weekend edition) 🏳️‍🌈 

23. Disability Readathon (1-30 April) – a readathon focused on disabled writers, stories, and characters!

24. Mythoton (1-30 April) – a mythology themed readathon. Stay tuned!

25. ThankfulAThon (1-30 April) – a whole month about books we’re thankful for 😌

26. SeaMaydenAThon (1-31 May) – under the sea, under the seeea

27. DraconAthon (1-31 August) – “My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords […] and my breath death!

Year-long readathons 👇

28. #AYearAThon – you have one week each month to read as many books as the theme allows!

29. Seasons of Reading – each season brings a new vibe and a new book 📘

30. Debut Author Challenge – this readathon challenges you to support debut authors.

31. Back to the Classics – read those classics you always forget about 😅

32. Pretty Mess – a readathon about books from different categories in order to expand your reading selection! 

33. Books Are Our Superpower – are you ready to save the world? Be the super reader and start with one book for each week of the year! 

34. Chunkster Reading Challenge – choose as many chunksters as you can, starting from 450 pages or more!

35. Monthly Key Word – for this readathon, the challenge is to choose your books based on the given keywords 😉

36. Linz The Bookworm Challenge – this readathon has a lot of options to choose from so start now!

37. Book Voyage: Read Around the World – how was that… Around the world in 80 books? Read and see!

38. Gaia/Nature Reading Challenge – the perfect opportunity to focus on books about nature, environment and climate change 🌱

39. Mental Health – a readathon focused on mental health stories, fiction or nonfiction.

40. Literary Escapes Challenge – try to read one book set in each state from the US!

41. Decades – the chosen book’s action has to take place during a certain decade in history. Also, there’s a catch: don’t forget to do it in chronological order.

42. Victorian Reading – or just stick with the Victorian period, they have fancy dresses.

43. #QueerBookFun2021 – another readathon that challenges you to read books about LGBTQ+ stories! 🏳️‍🌈 

44. Epistolary Reading Challenge – this readathon is about books written in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, e-mails and such.

45. Alphabet Soup – how fast can you fill up your bowl with books beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

46. Alphabet Soup – Author Edition –  the same as #45 but with authors’ names in alphabetical order 😉 

47. Color Coded – this readathon challenges us to read books based on the colors of the rainbow. But remember, the color has to appear in the title or to be dominant for the cover.

48. Book Award – read a book that has won an award (from any year!).

49. Book to Movie – if you saw the movie, why not do both?

50. Poetry Reading – this is the best readathon to go for when words sound better than music…

51. Memoir – a readathon focused on memoir books only 📜

52. Read native – read about Native American culture and stories.

53. Series Enders – if you’re scared to finish the last book(s) from your favorite series, you found the perfect readathon!

54. British Crime Classics – a readathon dedicated to all the restless mystery murder detectives 🔎

55. Calendar of Crime – and don’t resume to #54 only!

56. World War II – either books that were written during WW2 or set in that period.

57. Fantasy Reading – one fantasy book for each month of the year.

58. SpaceTime – this readathon is all about fiction books set in space. To infinity and beyond!

59. Dystopia – here you’ll find quite some challenges 🤔

60. Historical Fiction – each month comes with a book for the HF lovers!

61. Nonfiction – a readathon created to encourage you to make nonfiction part of your reading experience throughout the year.

62. Aussie Author – read and review books written by Australian authors. Good luck, mate! 🦘

63. European Reading Challenge – oh là là, books by European authors or set in European countries!

64. Books in Translation – well, it kinda speaks for itself, right? And don’t resume only to English! 

65. New (To You) Narrator – discover new authors by joining this readathon!

66. What An Animal – this is a readathon about animals. But more importantly, books featuring animals 🐕

67. Creativity Reading – art, crafts, film making and writing, photography, cooking, music… you got the point!

68. Pick Your Poison – almost a deadly challenge… or not?

So far, so good! Check out our last year’s reading challenges here

Never joined a readathon before? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a guide to help you out. 

And don’t forget that Bloo, your personal reading assistant, will always be by your side and help you improve by tracking all the books for your next readathon along the way! 

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Is there another readathon you’d like us to add to the list? Let us know in the comments down below!


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