Work it out! It’s time to put on your workout shoes and burn off those chapters! It’s a new year, and we know you’ve already set your reading goals for 2023. Sooo, the Bookly Readathon is here to push you to achieve your resolutions like never before. Ready to truly commit to your reading habit?

We hope you’re just as hyped as us and looking forward to our super-exciting event that will pump you up to shrink your 2023 TBR. Drums, please! 🥁


Read hard or go home because it’s time to sweat it up for 7 whole days of reading 🏃

Start training and keep your books close between January 30th and February 5th! Ready to take a peek at those pumped challenges? If you think you’re up for it, here we go 👀

What level do you want to achieve? 🆙

💪 Power starter – read for up to 8 hours

🏃 Speedster – read for 8 hours or more & under 15 hours

🏋️‍♂️ Endurance Monster – read for 15 hours or more

If you’re used to being on top of your game and reading like there’s no tomorrow, we’re sure you already have a bunch of books ready! But if you’re in need of some last-minute inspo, here are our optional suggestions 👇

HIIT Bookly Readathon Prompts:

What are your goals this year? Are you leaning towards health? Maybe you’re looking to be more disciplined, or you’re out to get motivated. Our prompts are here for exactly what you need. Ready to see?

Get healthier:
🍲 A Book About Food
🌿 A Book With Green On The Cover

Get disciplined:
🏆 A book About Accomplishments
🧠 A Book Focused On Character Development

Get motivated:
✨ A Book About Building Habits
❤️ A Book With Red On The Cover

When is the readathon taking place?

From January 30th and February 5th

For a whole week of reading! YASS!

What do I need to do? 

Read for more than 8 hours during the readathon. 

You most definitely can do this! 

Where can I sign up?

Here’s how to sign up for our #BooklyReadathon:

  1. If you’re an iOS or Android user, you can sign up directly on the special Readathon Tab (make sure you get the latest update for the Bookly App);
  2. (Optional) If you’d like to register using a form outside our Bookly App, please fill out this form;

Give us a shoutout on your social media to help us spread the news! Share our readathon-related posts, and make sure to tag us @booklyapp 🤗

⏲️ Hurry up! Registrations for the HIIT #BooklyReadathon are open only until January 29th, 11:59 PM EST.

What’s in it for me?

The most ambitious will get the biggest prize! 💪 Conquer all those reading hours, hop on top and get your voucher 🏆

We’re offering three Vouchers* to three lucky winners that we’ll choose randomly after the readathon ends:

👉 Power starter- 25$

👉 Speedster – 50$

👉 Endurance Monster – 100$

*As Gift Cards are only available for shipping within the US, in the case of a non-US resident winner, we will turn to other bookstores available in your country.

Special Prize

Psst! This time around, you can have another chance to win! We will give special mentions to the #BooklyReadathon participants who are most active on social media!

We’re offering one $15 Voucher* to a lucky winner who will be most active on social media during the HIIT Bookly Readathon.

How to be most active on social media?

🏄 share your daily HIIT Bookly Readathon progress on IG Stories;

tag @booklyapp in all your IG posts & stories;

🤸 use the #BooklyReadathon hashtag;

Do you want to join the conversation?

Join the entire #BooklyLovers community and hop on the conversation on our Bookly Discord Server! Let’s talk about books, share stats, see where everyone’s at, and be among the readathon participants. Find your fellow readers here!

How do I win?

It’s simple! First, use the Bookly App to track all your reading sessions 📖

If you’ve signed up through Bookly App, you can export your Custom Reading Report directly through the app at the end of our readathon. If you’ve signed up through our form, on January 30th, export your Custom Reading Report and submit it 👉 here.

Here’s a video on how you can export your report:

📲 Don’t forget to use the HIIT #BooklyReadathon hashtag in your posts & stories so we can follow along on your progress. Enjoy your readathon! 📚

Sign up for the #BooklyReadathon here!


  1. Angelica @ Paperback Princess Reply

    On my Bookly app it only states 8 hours of reading as my goal, does that increase once I’ve read 8 hours? I want my goal to be the highest 15+hrs.

    Thank you!

    • gabrielle Reply

      Hi there! 👋 Yes, your goal will increase as you will get over 8 hours to read. Happy reading! 💙

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