Classes, work, or training can all require reading, but reading for leisure isn’t out of your grasp. That’s because leisure reading hasn’t gone out of style. Findings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that people aged 15 and older read for fun a little more than 15 minutes daily on average.

If you don’t fit into the group of leisurely readers, that’s okay. Sometimes, it can be weeks, months, or even years since you’ve picked something to read just because you felt like doing so. But if you want to start reading and love it, we’ve got you covered with a few tips to help you fall in love with reading—again or for the first time.

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How to Fall in Love with Reading

1. Take Your Time

Your love for reading may require some time to grow—especially if you didn’t like reading in the past. That means you don’t have to rush the process.

For example, having many books around will help you develop an affinity for reading. However, you don’t have to rush to the bookstore and buy every book imaginable. Just start with one to three books you’re interested in and read through them at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

2. Pick Your Preferred Reading Formats

You can access books or other written works in so many forms. It’s a good idea to know which formats will keep you intrigued longer so you get used to wanting to read for fun. For example, audiobooks can be a great option if you prefer to listen to stories rather than read them on the page. Also, eBooks might be your last choice if you previously liked physical books. 

Yet, don’t be afraid to branch out to other book formats if you haven’t tried them. You might discover that you’ve changed your mind about your current preferences, and sometimes, switching things up is enough to light the sparks and fall in love with reading. 

3. Find Reading Topics You Like

Use what you already like to figure out what books you’ll be more interested in. If you love fiction and crafting, see if any narratives are available that combine the two to find a book you like.

Additionally, consider your previous book experiences themselves to guide your next TBR list. If you think romance is boring or sports are the last thing you’re interested in, explore other genres and topics.

You could even try your hand at writing your own stories—short stories, novels, and blog posts included—if you’re comfortable. That way, you know what to look for with plot points or themes for other reading material you could enjoy.  

4. Look for Books You Connect With

Other than choosing written works based on what you like, you could also do some research to find writing material that speaks to you in some way

Some stories out there could have characters who’ve experienced similar situations to yours in life or authors whose writing voices remind you of people you care about. Other things you read might help you navigate a job, relationships, or emotional growth. In the end, you might find that your love for reading could very well link with how personal narratives are to you.

5. Create Time for Reading

If you used to love reading as a child, it may have been because you had constant exposure to books. So, create time for reading by adding it to what you’re already doing. 

That doesn’t mean you have to block out specific times in your schedule to read. Instead, you can pick a part of the day or week when you can read. It can be for a few minutes or hours each day or a particular number of days per week. Reading tracking apps such as Bookly can help you a lot with making reading a habit

At the same time, don’t turn reading into a chore. There’s a difference between planning to read and forcing yourself to read. Like with any leisure activity, you can cause reading to become less fun if you see it as something you’re required to do rather than something you’re looking forward to doing. That will not help you fall in love with reading. 

6. Engage in Social Reading Activities

Sometimes, you can make reading enjoyable if you find other people who enjoy it too! Search for book clubs dedicated to what you want to read according to certain reading materials or specific genres. You could also ask your family or friends who are avid readers to suggest a book you could all read and discuss together. Or, you can join Bookly’s Book Club on Discord

Additionally, you can start a reading blog or join an online forum to share your ideas if you want to dial back on face-to-face social interactions. These ideas could also help you discover people who already love reading or want to get into the world of reading like you.

7. Create Your Love-for-Reading Goals

Set some reading goals based on what you want to accomplish while enjoying reading. Consider the answers to questions like: Will a love for reading mean that you read one to two books weekly or more? Are you reading a certain number of pages or chapters per day? Do you want to take a book wherever you go so you always have access to something to read?

In other words, think about why you want to fall in love with reading and determine how you will know you’ve gained that love. Again, setting (and achieving!) reading goals is an area where Bookly can help immensely because the app will keep you accountable. 

8. Read Based on Your Motivations

Finally, if you want to start loving reading, knowing your motivations to begin a love for reading can also be helpful. 

Perhaps you have or had someone close to you who enjoyed reading, and picking up something for a read is a way to honor them. Maybe reading has been something you’ve had a desire to do for a long time, but sticking with reading has been challenging.

Whatever your motivations are, write them down and put them somewhere you’ll see as a reminder to keep reading. That way, you always remember why you wanted to fall in love with reading in the first place.

Any pointers we missed? Let us know what helped you find your love for reading in the comments!

This article was written by our Bookly Pro Reader, Réven 💙

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