It’s already the middle of the year 👀 *shocked as if we don’t understand how time works*. But now we have to face reality and see where we’re at with our reading list for the year. Ensue: the mid-year freakout. 

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You’ve done some reading, dotted some I’s, and crossed some T’s, but you feel as if you won’t make it through all the books you’ve put on your 2022 reading list. YIKES! 

Fret not! We’ve put together a list of 5 tips on how you can overcome the mid-year freakout and get back on track! 

Let’s get started 🙌

1. Check Your Motivation

Your reading journey is your own, and you can’t let anyone or anything get you down on your journey. If you’ve lost motivation lately, try to re-spark it by going back to the basics.

  • For example, read a little bit every day. Even a few minutes of reading a day can help you get more involved in the story or lost in the experience (which is what you want, right? 😉). Set a specific time that you’ll read each day, either in the morning or during a lunch break. If you wait until bedtime every time, you may feel too tired to read. With the Bookly app, you can set daily reminders to read!
  • Second, find good books. Since this is your personal journey, read whatever makes you happy, whether that’s a comic book, sports biography, romance novel, or even a magazine! Don’t feel pressured to read what everyone else is reading or what’s “hot.” If you picked up a book that you dread reading, put it at the bottom of your list and read something you like more instead. You can come back to the other one later. 
  • And lastly, join a readathon! Readathons are an excellent way to reach your reading goals in a more fun way. You’ll get a chance to partake in fun challenges and maybe find some new books (or reread old ones) that you love. Additionally, you may feel more motivated to check books off your list since you’re in a friendly competition with fellow readers. Check out our 2022 mid-year check-in readathon list so you can join some new challenges or get inspo to fill in any gaps on your list.  

2. Develop Your Approach to Reading

Just like your reading journey, your approach to reading is also unique. However, some readers follow certain tactics that may catch your attention too. 

  • For instance, you can start by determining the purpose of your reading to understand the context and focus better
  • Also, it’s essential to understand what kind of text you’re reading, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, and which subject or genre it covers. This will further help you identify the purpose and context for your reading. 

Remember, though, it’s not a race of who can finish a book the fastest, and that’s not what makes a good reader. 

  • Go at your own pace, learn to pause and visualize the story, characters, or plot, or take notes to put the writing into your own words and reflect on what you’ve just read; whatever helps you better enjoy and understand the book. This will help you remain relaxed and make good progress. 
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3. Practice Makes Perfect

Yep, it’s not just an overused motto; if you read a lot, you’ll get better at it, and your motivation may also rise. So, practice 😋. 

If reading seems difficult, just know that the activity was created for your brain. In time, the more you read, the more it’ll help improve your vocabulary, concentration, logic, reading skills, and not only

Additionally, take time to read a (what you consider) challenging book, whether that’s a literary classic or a detailed biography. Finishing such a book can be an extraordinary accomplishment instead of feeling like a chore.     

4. Don’t Make ‘Mid-year Freakout’ Excuses

It’s easy to say that you can’t find any books that pique your interest or that the book you want to read contains complex language. But as long as you develop small habits that keep you on your reading track, you’ll feel like making excuses becomes a thing of the past. 

Small habits can include:

  • Reading a little bit each day
  • Always bringing a book with you everywhere you go
  • Reducing disruptive digital noise
  • Finding a ✨special✨ spot to read. 

Remember, if a book doesn’t grab your attention or is too complicated, you don’t have to read it. Don’t feel guilty about not finishing it either; there are millions of other excellent books waiting for you to discover them. Explore books that bring you enjoyment. This could mean rereading a past favorite or sequels or browsing the shelves of a pretty bookstore to find your next read.

Always keep your reading goals in mind; is not finishing that *awful* book interfering with your goals? Is that book holding you back from moving on to better, more compelling storylines? If yes, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.  

5. Keep Track of Your Reading Progress With Bookly

To hold yourself even more accountable on your reading journey, track your progress. Whether you choose to do so in a spreadsheet, notebook, journal, or app, just remember to do it! 

Our users get a much better picture of what and how much they read, helping them up their game – A LOT.

Bookly can help keep you accountable, track books, and improve your reading habits. 😎

Do you still feel like you need a little push? We found a fantastic mid-year book tag so you can get a list of additional books together that may inspire you to finish your 2022 reading list!


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Mid-year book freakout tag.

See? We told you that Bookly has you covered. And don’t forget that Bloo, your reading assistant, will always be by your side and help you improve by tracking all the books for your next readathon along the way! 

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