For people with ADHD, everyday tasks can feel difficult to manage, and reading for neurodivergent individuals is no different. I’ve always loved to read but found it difficult to set aside the time to sit down with a book. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early thirties, after clawing my way through school and not understanding the mismatch in my brain: how could I love books and reading so much but never seem to be able to read as much as my peers?

Bookly is the only app I’ve found that works for my neurodivergent brain 🥰 These are the top five ways Bookly has helped me make reading part of my routine: 

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5 Tips for Reading for Neurodivergent People

🚫 Judgment Free Zone

A lot of neurodiverse people find listening to a book to be just like reading “on paper,” and there have been studies to back this up! Our brains retain information whether we read or listen. Sadly, there is still a stigma against reading with our ears, as if it doesn’t “count,” and other reading apps don’t even include audiobooks as a format. But Bookly allows you to select “audiobook” when you add a book to your library and track the reading time as you would with a physical copy. 

🎮 Gamify Your Reading

Building routines can be difficult for folks with ADHD, but our brains really thrive with more structure. Adding rewards and achievements can help make reaching goals more fulfilling. With Bookly, I’m rewarded for my reading streaks, which makes me want to read more and keep the streak going. It may not seem like much at first, but I was so proud when I hit 30 straight days of reading! 💪 You can also easily set your own goals, whether reading for thirty minutes every day or just one hour a week. 

If you get easily distracted, treating it as a game really makes reading more easy for neurodivergent individuals.

🗂️ Easy Cataloguing and Customizing

Barriers to entry, including how fiddly or difficult something is to use, only make reading for neurodivergent harder. Bookly has a colorful and easy-to-use cataloging system that you can customize to your heart’s content. I like to keep my books organized by genre and whether I’ll re-read them so that I can quickly find my favorite titles. You can also add your own images of book covers if Bookly doesn’t find the one you want. That way, your digital library can always match your physical one 📚

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📖 All Reading is Good Reading

If you’re a re-reader like me, you can log time for books you’ve already read. Bookly doesn’t mind if you’ve listened to Jane Eyre fifteen times 😅 Every minute you spend with a book counts!

📴 Fewer Distractions (and Pressure) from Ads and Lists

In the past, I’ve decided not to read books just because others’ reviews were in my face from the start. People with ADHD may face rejection sensitivity, which can also involve feelings of shame and guilt. As a group, neurodivergent people often have numerous special interests (e.g., I’ve always been obsessed with space exploration). Still, if judgment or fear of rejection is associated with sharing those interests, we may miss out on emotionally fulfilling experiences.

Bookly wants you to read; it doesn’t matter what or how you do it–reading always comes first.

This article was written by our Bookly Pro Reader, Kemper Wray 💙 

Don’t Forget to Keep Track of Your Reading Progress With Bookly

Whether you track your reading progress in a spreadsheet, journal, notebook, or app, just remember to do it! Bookly makes it easy to track your progress.

Bookly can help keep you accountable, track books, and improve your reading habits 😎

And don’t forget that Bloo, your personal reading assistant, will always be by your side and help you improve by tracking all the books 📚 you read.  

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