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So we’ve heard you’re ready to challenge yourself and you want to level up your reading game this year.⚡If you’re looking for a way to improve your current routine and reap some amazing benefits of reading daily, look no further! 👀 

Read our article to find out how committing to a daily reading habit can transform you into a better person, with tips on how to make it a habit that sticks!


You’ve heard us go on and on about developing your daily reading habit. You’re probably asking yourself why we keep preaching it like crazy. Well, it’s more than just flexing your imagination muscles or feeling accomplished with your Bookly reading stats. 

Reading every day is not only a great way to unwind and escape into a good story. It also offers a ton of benefits for your mental health, cognitive abilities, and overall well being.  So buckle up and let’s dive in! 📚💙

Mental Health Benefits Of Reading Daily

🧠 Boosts Brain Power
🧠 Reduces Stress
🧠 Improves Memory
🧠 Enhances Focus And Concentration
🧠 Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline

Committing to a daily reading routine can work wonders for your mental health. It can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and even alleviate sadness, depression and anxiety symptoms. Reading can be just as helpful at easing the symptoms of depression as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

But the mental benefits don’t stop there. Reading every day can also help with improving your cognitive function, enhancing your creativity and boosting your brainpower. Be it fiction or nonfiction, exercising the reading “muscle” can boost your problem-solving skills and imagination.

Emotional Benefits Of Reading Daily

❤️‍🩹 Increases Self-Esteem And Confidence
❤️‍🩹 Improves Emotional Intelligence
❤️‍🩹 Increases Empathy And Compassion
❤️‍🩹 Helps Reduce Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety
❤️‍🩹 Provides An Escape From Daily Stressors

Besides transporting you to fictional worlds, reading can also improve your emotional well-being in multiple ways. Implementing a reading habit into your day-to-day activities can help increase your self-esteem and improve your emotional intelligence.

Daily reading can also help you foster greater empathy and compassionfor the world around you, allowing you to connect on a deeper level with others and better understand their perspectives. Especially when reading fictional stories, you can get better at processing and making sense of your own experiences and emotions.

Social Benefits Of Reading Daily

📘 Improves Communication Skills
📘 Increases Understanding Of Different Cultures And Perspectives
📘 Exposes Readers To Diverse Ideas And Experiences
📘 Provides Opportunities For Social Connection Through Book Clubs And Discussions
📘 Helps Readers Develop Meaningful Relationships With Characters In Books

You’d be inclined to say that reading is an exclusively solitary activity. Which, in theory, it is. But reading provides you with opportunities for social connection

Think about readathons, book clubs, or joining online communities. Just by sharing your thoughts and ideas about the books you’re reading you get to connect with other fellow readers that share your love for reading. If you haven’t yet joined any online communities, how about joining the Bookly Reading Lounge on our Discord Server and connect with other like-minded people? 🔗😉

Reading has the power to help you deeply connect with others. By turning pages every day, you can improve your communication skills, better relate to others, recognize our common humanity and gain a better understanding of different cultures and social values.

Physical Benefits Of Reading Daily

🙌 Improves Sleep Quality And Duration
🙌 Lowers Blood Pressure
🙌 Increases Lifespan
🙌 Provides A Healthy Alternative To Screen Time
🙌 Helps Readers Relax And Unwind

Okay, now that we’ve sorted through the mental, emotional and social benefits of daily reading, we should get into how this habit impacts your body too. 💪

Reading books every day, especially before getting into bed, helps you improve your sleeping quality. This is because reading helps you relax and unwind. From now on, you’ll not only get cozy before bed, but you’ll also reduce the anxiety that can interfere with your sleeping every night. 

Make the switch from scrolling and increasing your daily screen time to picking up that book on your nightstand before falling asleep. Reading can help you lower your blood pressure and increase longevity. A study found that individuals who read for at least 30 minutes per day had a significantly lower risk of mortality than those who didn’t read.

In the fast-paced world we’re living in, it can be easy to overlook the simple pleasure of reading a good book every day. But daily reading can have a profound impact on our health, both physical and mental. 

Want to find out how you can implement a daily reading habit into your day to day routine?

Well, put down your phone, pick up a book, and follow these 5 tips:

5 Tips for Incorporating Daily Reading into Your Routine

1. Set Achievable Reading Goals:

🫐 Start with a small goal you’re sure you can achieve daily, such as reading for 10 minutes every day;
🫐 Then, you can work your way up and increase the time gradually as you feel more comfortable;
🫐 Keep yourself accountable by setting a daily reminder to help you stay on track;
🫐 And don’t forget to celebrate your progress and accomplishments along the way!

2. Find the Right Reading Environment:

🥝 Build your own cozy reading nook or find a quiet and comfortable space to read;
🥝 Stop scrolling, turn off the TV and try your best to avoid other type of distractions;
🥝 Another thing you need to make sure is you have comfortable lightning;
🥝 If necessary, you can even turn to using noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

3. Choose Books that Interest You:

🍉 This might be the most important tip: pick books you know you’ll genuinely enjoy or are curious about;
🍉 Get recommendations from friends, family or like-minded fellow readers on social media or other online communities;
🍉 Online book reviews and ratings from other readers can become a good source of inspiration, as well;
🍉 If you’re not enjoying a particular book, don’t be afraid to DNF and switch genres or authors.

4. Get into a Reading Mindset

🧘 Pick a playlist. If you’re unsure, use a brown noise one, a Lo-Fi one that fits the vibe of your book, or use Bookly’s white noise sounds (great for calming anxious minds).
🧘 Meditate
for a few minutes before reading, especially if you’ve been staring at screens all day.
🧘 Focus on your breathing – take a long breath in, pause one second, then an even longer exhale. Repeat until your mind quiets and focuses on the book.
🧘 Air out your reading space. Some fresh air can do wonders for focus and concentration.

5. Prioritize Reading Time:

🍍 Try and schedule reading time into your daily routine, in the mornings or the evenings;
🍍 Think about reading like a regular daily activity, like brushing your teeth and make it non-negotiable;
🍍 Or, if the rewarding system works better for you, you can use reading as a reward for completing other daily tasks or activities;

5. Use the Bookly App:

🥥 Set up your reading goals, preferences and add your books to your Bookly App library;
🥥 Start tracking your reading sessions to get insightful and customized stats about your reading progress;
🥥 Use the Bookly app features, such as daily reminders, reading statistics and motivational messages, to stay motivated and engaged.

From improving mental and emotional health to enhancing social skills and physical well-being, daily reading can undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life. By committing to reading every day, even for just a few minutes, you can reap the multiple benefits of daily reading. 

So, grab a book, find a cozy spot, and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities. Happy reading! 💙✨

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