Updated: February 9, 2023

Surely, you know by now that Bookly can become your best reading companion. 🤩 Our app can help you track books, keep you accountable, and improve your reading habits over time. 💪

It has tons of cool features to get you into a reading routine that will work for you. You can set up monthly and yearly goals and reminders, and you can even use the app to annotate your books digitally by adding quotes, new words (perfect for expanding your vocabulary!), or notes and thoughts.

But arguably, one of the best features is the Bookly reading assistant. Bloo is always there with you, watching your progress and encouraging you along the way, making sure you reach your goals. 💙

The Assistant Tab

In the Assistant tab, you’ll find all the details that Bookly tracks about your book ratings, stats, your current level, goals, reports, and more. 

In order to get to the Bookly Reading Assistant tab, you need to tap on the Bloo icon at the bottom of the screen.

When you get to the Assistant tab, Bloo will welcome you with a quote and inform you about your current reading level. Below, you’ll find some suggestions, your reports, and, finally, the Word of the Day (randomly chosen from the words you saved from books).

So, let’s go over each of them in detail below!

Quotes, Tips & Reminders

Every day, Bookly’s Reading Assitant, Bloo, will give you insightful quotes and tips, or remind you of your reading schedule and goals. When you want to improve your reading habits, you’ll surely be happy to see that Bloo is there for you, motivating you, and pushing you along the way!

Reading Level

Next up, we have the Level section. Here you’ll see a visual display of your progress, and you’ll be informed about how much time you need to spend reading to level up in the app. With Bookly, you’re always in competition with yourself, and this feature will really help you unlock even more reading achievements.


The Suggestions section is a carousel with Bookly Reading Assistant’s personalized advice for you. Here, you’ll be reminded of your progress, and you’ll receive tips on improvement. You can also see your progress towards your yearly goal, details about the last book you read or you’re currently reading, and other goals you have set up in the app.


Here’s where Bloo will let you know if there are any new reports available for you to download & share. Also, if you have a Bookly PRO subscription, you’ll be able to generate reports either for the previous week or a custom time interval. These options are super helpful when you’re taking part in reading challenges or readathons. 😉

Word of the Day

And we’ve now reached the last feature of the Bookly Reading Assistant! This is where you’ll see your saved words come to life! Whenever you use Bookly and add a new word to your digital dictionary, Bloo will randomly select one and show it to you to help you remember it.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our stories within the app, as we’ll keep updating them with new information about our Bookly Community, Book of the Week, Bookly Hacks, and more. 

There’s no doubt Bloo will always be with you during your reading journey to make sure you’ll stick to your resolutions and improve your reading habits over time. You just have to be willing to read more. We’ll take care of the rest. 💙

So, are you ready to start your next reading session? Grab your book and start reading!

Download Bookly for iOS  👉   https://bookly.app.link/nAH81rtpg9
Download Bookly for Android  👉  https://bookly.app.link/4TMM20xpg9


  1. I’d love to make a couple of integration suggestions:
    1- rebooks read on the same device (Apple books, kobo) could be synced
    2- Siri could be used -“ Siri, start reading timer in Bookly”
    3- we love how social goodreads is. And many of us are committed to using it. Integrate with that app and we’re golden!

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