Summer is finally here in full force, and all we want to do is sip on some icy lemonade 🍹 and chill under the sun. ☀️

We’re still hoping you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors safely, maybe go for a walk in the park or by the beach, or just stay home, truly social distancing. Despite everything, we know books will always be by our side no matter what, right?

Following our other list of readathons we’ve compiled, we’re now getting back with an update to help you go through your TBR pile with some interesting July readathons you can join.

And if you’ve never participated in a readathon before, we also have a guide to get you started, with the proper tips & tricks!

July 2020 Readathons:

  1. To Be Continued Readathon (July 1st – July 31st) – this readathon focuses on helping you finish the book series you wish to read.
  2. Alphabeton (July 1st – July 31st) – this readathon’s prompt is to read books with titles starting with each letter of the alphabet, so 23 books in one month.
  3. Hypeathon (July 1st – July 31st) – this summer reading challenge focuses on hyped books & series.
  4. Page-a-thon (July 1st – July 31st) – a very casual readathon, where you get to join different teams with themed reading lists.
  5. Seasonathon (July 1st – July 31st) – a summertime reads themed readathon.
  6. The Bookie Trials (July 1st – July 31st) – a readathon based on teams divided by personality tests.
  7. Koreadathon (July 6th – July 12th) – this readathon is all about celebrating and embracing Korean culture.
  8. Off-the-Grid Readathon (July 17th – July 19th) – the goal of this challenge is to read as much as you can without checking your phone / social media accounts; this time around, the challenge is to also read a book by a black author, in support of the BLM movement.
  9. Music-a-thon (July 8th – July 15th) – if you love music, this readathon should definitely be part of your summer reading challenges.
  10. The Reading Rush (July 20th – July 26th) – a week-long readathon for book lovers all around the world.
  11. Bookly Summertime Freedom Readathon (July 20th – July 26th) – you’ve signed up for it, right?  Our prompt for this edition is to read only books related to the idea of freedom. Find out more details in our dedicated blog post.
  12. AYearAThon (July 13th – July 19th) – this is part of a year-long readathon and the month of July comes with the prompts of reading books about Olympics/Olympic sports.
  13. 24B4Monday (July 24th – July 26th) – this is an ongoing readathon that takes place every last weekend of each month.
  14. Voltron-a-Thon (July 31st – Aug 31st) – this is a read-a-thon inspired by the Netflix Original Series Voltron: Legendary Defender, but you don’t need to have watched the series to take part in this reading challenge.

Special mention: The Lord of the Readathon (July 1st – Sept 31st) – this is a readathon inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy and organized by one of our Bookly users!

And keep in mind that the Bookly App is always there for you if you want to improve your reading habits, like a true reading companion. The app helps you keep track of your books, organize your reads, and even improve your reading speed! 

Which July 2020 readathon will you choose to add to your summer reading challenges? Is there a readathon we might have missed, and you’d like us to add to this list? Make sure to drop us a comment below!

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